January 23, 2009
For me, the moments that weren't momentous enough to be captured by camera, have been embedded into music.
Sometimes when I hear a song, a memory instantly pops into my head, and I can remember, relive, & replay so many scenes & feelings from my past. 
Just by listening to a song, I feel like I'm reconnecting with a stage of my life. 
Here are some of the tunes that trigger my memory. 
1. mmbop by hanson: christmastime in 3rd grade
2. unforgettable by natkingcole: my room, filling out a planner in 4th grade
3. i want you back by nsync: 5th grade skating party
4. nature boy by nat king cole: reading the chronicles of narnia in 6th grade
5. a string of pearls by glenn miller: last weeks of school in 8th grade
6. the whole closer album by josh groban: jan. 05, hanging out with haley
7. bigger than my body by john mayer: summer 05, working at the pool 
8. split screen sadness by john mayer: jr. year, chilling in my room w/haley
9. everytime we touch by cascada: sr. year, haley & I catch a ride w/ darrin
10. only hope by switchfoot: car ride to wintertainment retreat
11. can't take it in by imogen heap: mexico trip, christmas 06
12. goodnight and go by imogen heap: driving to class, freshman year
13. what's that smell? by grant harms: camp shetek 06, meeting grant
14. scar by missy higgins: august 06, running on the path by the ymca
15. penny & me by hanson: infatuated with grant
16. here (in your arms) by hellogoodbye: writing letters to grant
17. quando, quando, quando by michael buble: dreaming about grant 
18. you are loved by josh groban: working at dr. hurd's office
19. everything by michael buble: finals week 07, can't stop thinking of grant
20. black and white by michael jackson: driving to camp  
21. can you feel it? by the jacksons: summer 07, working at camp
22. you and I by michael buble: engaged to grant
23. for once in my life by stevie wonder: making wedding decisions
24. wink & a smile by harry connick jr: our wedding
25. leavin' by jesse mccartney: may 08, on the plane to jamaica
26. love like this by natasha bedingfield: may 08, honeymoon
27. rylynn & into the ocean by andy mckee: first few weeks of marriage
28. continuum album by john mayer: in the car with grant & bryant
29. painter song by norah jones: aug. 08, moving into our 1st apartment
30. not now but soon by imogen heap: fall 08, new town, new running route
what songs take you back?


Anneliese said...

I wish I had time to compile a mini list for you! It is crazy how you hear a certain song on itunes or catch it on the radio and suddenly you know all the lyrics and are transported to another place (usually a high school car or a friends bedroom)

Blair said...

Music really is incredible-whether is brings back a moment from high school or from just a few months ago. I love it! What a fun list to have compiled.

Anonymous said...

'Two Step' by Dave Matthews---the first time I heard this song was driving back to base camp after three weeks in the woods on an outward bound trip. The feelings of being completely bound to a group of new friends who had been strangers only 21 days before---this song just captured that feeling perfectly.

'America' by Simon and Garfunkel---first kiss with the fella I ended up marrying. We were watching Almost Famous while lying on my parents' carpet and that song was in the movie. The moment was made even more thrilling by the fact that I was dating someone else at the time so the whole thing was totally illicit. Forbidden fruit as they say!

It's amazing how songs bring you back...now I'm going to be thinking about more all weekend. What a fun exercise!

please sir said...

Oh mmmbop - the memories!!!!!!

Courtney said...

Music certainly holds the same power for me. There is nothing like being caught off guard by a sudden memory when a song comes on the radio.

I truly have way too many to list, but the first two that jump into my head are "Bitch-Meredith Brooks. Bus ride in Portugal with my friends heading into Senior Year" and "Like Red on a Rose- Alan Jackson. Driving on the first leg of my mini-scavenger hunt, listening to a CD that E had just given me, and realizing the "hunt" was going to end with a proposal!"

And, "MmmBop"... third grade, huh? Wow... I feel SO old! :) Thanks for sharing this list- I will be surely thinking on this one for a while.



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