February 6, 2009
when we found my writing desk at that little thrift shop,
we also picked up this dandy chocolate brown piece.
it has shelves inside the little door & is topped by a drawer.
looks like a short & fat school locker.
very practical. very peculiar. very fab.
we used the top drawer to hide away some knitting supplies.
am I the only one who gets really excited about an empty drawer?
something about having unused space & the potential to organize better...
it is quite a thrill for me.
ever ask yourself what you would do with another drawer in your house? i do.
right now our home only has a handful of drawers, so storage space is precious & dreams are big. when I do the dishes, I often stand at the sink & contemplate this matter.
I dream up how to best compartmentalize my things.
I fantasize about cleaning out, filling up & arranging away.
so far my imaginary extra drawer has been filled with...
tupperware & lids
gloves & mittens
prep for grant's lunches
un-framed photos
handy glass jars & bottles
swimming suits
notes & souvenirs from grant
magazine clippings
dry ingredients for chocolate chip cookies
envelopes & stationery
coloring books, word searches, crossword puzzles
my favorite blanket
vitamin bottles
grocery list, coupons, pen & post-its
old school papers
extra gum, chapstick, & hand lotion
everything separated + coordinated, & all in one place.


haley said...

coloring books?! my favorite! let me know when you have a drawer full, and i'm visiting.

ps: the word i had to "verify" for this comment was "nessessa." it made me laugh. but then, they usually do.

Blair said...

Oh, i love that and you have it SO organized.

Courtney said...

Sounds like the extra drawer would be filled with such perfect things! Storage space always feels at a premium to me, and I hope that someday I have enough :)



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