February 25, 2009
my philosophy.. everything is better with music. including mail.
surprise: my sister just sent me a mix cd.
this probably doesn't sound all that exciting, but believe me, it is.
haley's mixes are always an excellent blend of old songs that need to be resurrected
& fresh songs that are new & fab. she has killer music selecting skills.
she could be one of those people who scout out the perfect song for a movie scene.
(i've always secretly wanted that job.)
my suggestion.. if you ever need a quick & inexpensive little gift idea,
mix cd's are personalized, practical, and miles of fun to have on road trips.
thanks, haley. you rock. and now, so do i.
ps. haley, how long has it been since you listened to imogen?
i'm getting back into must be dreaming & flicks & other ff stuff. loving it.


Bryant said...

indeed, mixed cd's are great. and yes, haley has a great taste in music.

the word verification at the bottom is "pants"..... so random.

please sir said...

So wonderful! My friend and I are always exchanging mix CDs - I love it and finding new music!

oh, hello friend. said...

how fun fun, you have a sweet sis!
i do love manila envelopes too :)

haley said...

it took me forever to figure out what "ff" was. sad. the other day i had my iTunes on random, and listened to a couple of her songs...and they never get old. :-)

donya said...

Such a cute idea as a gift!
I love Imogen. Cannot wait until her new cd comes out!

Anonymous said...

I looooove mix cds. My girlfriends and I have been making them for each other since middle school--together, they're like a scrapbook of all the big moments in my life so far. The right song always takes me away.

Your sister is a cool chick :)

Mary-Laure said...

This is so true. I just love it when a friend takes the trouble to make me a mixed CD.



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