March 23, 2009
was actually really interesting.
even though i love, love, love to read, 
no one is crazy about reading assignments. even me.
this assignment wasn't so bad, & i read every page of it. 
this book is all about the phenomena of popularity.
how suddenly, out of nowhere, something will pop up everywhere.
how fads & fashions begin, grow, and hit the tipping point.
it's tremendously fascinating to study trends.
if you're with me on this, you'll appreciate this read.
and you'll never forget what the word ubiquitous means.
what prompted me to remember & mention this book was
a post that i read over on design sponge the other day.
read about a new trend here
haven't seen any of these ads in my neck of the woods yet.
but if & when i do, i will feel so in the know.


Kristi said...

Check out this blog I read....this gal is in LOVE with the Blythe dolls and she is awesome at photography.

Blair said...

I love this book too and was one of the first more serious books I read for pleasure!

donya said...

So strange, I never knew much about these dolls either. But I remember seeing one of my fav photographers talk about them awhile back.

This book sounds really interesting. Thanks!

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

that's a great book!



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