March 20, 2009
the hub. open from mid-march to mid-october.
the slayton special feature.
the official eatery of camp shetek summer staff.
and one of my favorite places to patronize.
everyone should have a good diner in their life. 
no fancy-schmancy. just the basics.
meat from the local meat market. good french fries. malts.
mmm. i can't wait to get my head in the hub.
so it's the first day of spring & we're going to celebrate
with our 1st hub run. tonight. grant & i have a date.
back booth, here we come. i've been waiting all week.
i will order the cheeseburger with ketchup & fried onions.*
grant will order the bacon burger with ketchup & pickles.
he'll polish off his own fries, then help me get through mine.
and there's a chance that we might end up sharing a 
cookie dough flurry. just to get the '09 season off to a proper start.
*because this is my most favorite meal ever. 
i dearly love my cheeseburgers.


Bryant said...

this actually made my mouth water..... i really want to get my head in the hub.

Hilda said...

oooooh! The HUB!
Order me a raspberry banana shake!

stina1125 said...

this post may actually be enough inspiration for me to come home this weekend. honestly.

Lauren :) said...

i cannot wait!

Kelli said...

That sounds like a great way to start off Spring. Nothing like a good diner burger. Hope you enjoyed.

Maggie May said...

i love how this is set up almost like a poem.
and, yum.



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