March 19, 2009
i've always known that i have the very best of the best for friends.
and today, i received another piece of evidence to back my belief.
the sensational, practical sarah sent me a favorite things package.
just to brighten my day. just because she's amazing. 
sarah, you know me so well. you knew i'd be wild about this.
this is so you. this is so me. 
i am entirely crazy about people's favorite things.
their preferences. their loves. their likes. their dislikes.
it's just one of those things that i find ultra-fascinating. 
i enjoy trying to store up info about my friends & their faves. 
for example, i'm ecstatic that i know that..
rebecca would like creamed chipped beef on toast
christine would like her grandma's homemade noodles
sarah would like mint chocolate chip ice cream
haley would like golden grahams
chelsea would like the chicken sandwich from applebees
audra would like a jar of sunkist grapefruit
christina would like oatmeal caramel bars
and grant would like french fries from doghouse grill.
sarah, i can't thank you enough. 
for a brown paper package, tied up with string
for the card you designed so sweetly
for the idea you executed so cleverly 
for your words, written so brilliantly.
you are marvelous. & your favorite things are fabulous.
and you even threw in a little touch of home,
that is, my second home. your home.
warm vanilla sugar instantly takes me back to
the hallway bathroom in your house. soap always
smelled better there than anywhere else.
if you all would like to fill this comment section with your favorites,
please, please do. i guarantee they will all be read. with a huge smile.
because i'm like that. i'm mad about faves.
ps. sarah, this title is for you. 


prim.rose said...

favorite things? yummy-smelling candles. a good book. lists. pink and polka dots. spring. friends. a white chocolate mocha. shopping. sewing. blogs. flickr. flip-flops. family. music. roses. peanut butter m & m's. amazing grace. clean sheets.

Ash said...

I love this! What a good friend you have. I love puppies, spring, fresh car smell, pretty journals and good pens, a mopped floor, unique furniture, black and white photographs, my grandma's stories, cupcakes with peanut butter in them, travels to visit friends and new places, driving with the windows down, musicians who can really sing, bike rides, and polaroid film.

Whew! That was a lot. There's more, but I'll spare you. What are your favorites?

Jules said...

This is fun! Line- dried laundry (that smell!), the sound of my husband's key in the door at the end of the day, the beach, Sharpie markers,silver (not gold), clean windows open to the breeze, zinnias (planted from the seed pkg. so never know what colour they'll be until they open!), Starbucks mocha frappacinnos (hold the whipped cream, please), a brisk walk, bubble baths

Sarah said...

I am so excited to see that it got there! I'm so glad that you like it, even though I knew you would. I hope that every time you use any of the things I sent that you remember how much I love you.

Miss Aimee said...

such a sweet post.
fav's are: the color pink(right now), willie nelson(re-discovered on our rd trip last week), my husband(a brilliant man), my children(3), all the pretty and perfectly abnormal things in life.

Anneliese said...

i will tell you what pops into my head (taking into account it is spring, and sunny out) favorite things: carwashes, quarters, scents, sunglasses, reading, buying something new and remembering it when i wake up--then excited to try it, setting the timer on the coffee pot so it is brewing when i get up, shawn making me yummy things to eat...i'll save the rest for other 'favorites' posts. :)

stina1125 said...

you are so right - oatmeal caramel bars. i don't even know that i've thought about them since last summer. and just between you and i... i am probably going to consume more than my fair share in the next... and yes that is a not-so-subtle hint at my hopeful summer employment and wonderful things to come.

notebookdoodles said...

oh this is such a sweet sentiment!! you're so lucky to have a friend like that =)

my favorite things would be.. notebooks. moleskines. and black ink pens. i can't live without them. and i am crazy about cups.. or tumblers.


Kelli said...

What a nice thing for your friend to do...just because. My favorites: the color yellow, notebooks, Pilot V5 pens, fresh flowers, pumpkin candles, baby lotion, Coke, pizza, flip flops, the pool, scrapbooking, calendars, baskets, labels...

Anonymous said...

I have always loved the smell of my daughter after a bath- nothing like it in the world, wine tasting with my husband, traveling with my husband, and I have a new favorite that I feel like I need to shout from the rooftops- Buxom Lash mascara. Found at Sephora. It wil

Audra said...

YOU KNOW ME!! And summer would like a corn dog from the Hub on occasion! BTW, I had Ritz chips and chocolate chips the other night. (I didn't have any pretzels.) BTW again, on The Office last night, Michael said "ASAP as possible."

Kristi said...

I love gerber daisies, pretty pens and paper, girls night out, hugs from my kids, paisley, plaid and polka dots, funky toe nail polish, browsing through magazines, taking photographs, cooking, dates with my husband.
Love this post! I would loved to receive or send a package like that!

Amy P said...

well your blog for one, I read it everyday!
puppies, giant books, a cup of vanilla almond tea, watching the snow or rain from inside, a new song on the radio, and good hair days.

You are my fave... said...

Sparklers, Burt's Bees chapstick, the smell of Aveda products, pretty paper, garlands, cozy slippers, a firm pillow, What Not to Wear, Twix.

kOrTnI said...

i heart... little love notes. cards just because. feeding ducks. journals. photos. holding hands. bonnebell lippie. chirping birds. walking barefoot. fresh cut grass. sunshine. sand in between your toes. lists. flowers. diet coke.

so many things to love!

Christina said...

favorite things (in no particular order):
cinnamon banana bread, warm from the oven. cuddling and reading with my small son. freshly washed flannel sheets. the smell of sage brush laced air after a hard rain in the summer. crunching through autumn leaves. the sound of my husband pulling into our driveway after a long day of work. a good quality piece of fabric with a unique texture and lovely design. the color green. star gazing on a summer night. scenic drives on dirt roads. full-moon shadows on fresh snow. that indescribable "baby" smell. purple and gold pansies with dark red geraniums. the color green. calligraphy ink. sweet hugs from my guys. feeling baby kick. well made, perfectly fitted, broken in jeans. digging in moist dirt. the intoxicating smell and delicate color of wild roses. tomato soup made from my own tomatoes. peaches...I could go on and on. ; )

The Lil Bee said...

What a fun idea! You have some nice friends:)

Emily said...

Oh my goodness, this would absolutely make my world spin. You do have the most amazing friends. -e



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