March 25, 2009
(oh, and a sweet mini floor lamp, too.)
am taking advantage of the fine antique & thrift shop here in town.
i'm happily filling my house. one vintage piece at a time.
i love that each time i walk in, there are new items catching my eye.
i love that each time i walk out, i have something in my arms.
i love that each time i look at our receipt, it doesn't make me feel guilty.
i told grant the other day that if we move away, 
whenever we come back for a visit, 
i will also need to pay a visit to my favorite little store.


haley said...

when i was little, i always used to think they were saying "ceiling wax." no idea what that was, but i sang it anyway.

Jan the crazy lady said...

Love it all Summer. Those colors on your little new box, is just perfect.

Ash said...

what great little finds! i found a medium format camera (the kind you look down on and has two lenses on the front.. confusing, but i have a photo of it on my photo site) in an antique store when i was out of town last weekend for $20. PLUS a pretty little platter. i love antique stores.

pve design said...

looks like they were meant to be yours.
love the light, the colors and the pure milk bottle.

Gypsy Lynne said...

your pictures are beautiful!

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Ooooh, a vintage fan, I'm jealous! Fabbo box, too.

Anonymous said...

what great finds! and lovely photos. makes me want to visit our local shop which i haven't visited in a good two months : ]

Christina said...

Lovely! (loveliness in all sorts of layers.)

Joanna Goddard said...

your wedding photo is so beautiful!



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