March 10, 2009
my dream came true.. almost. i've always wanted to be on a jury. 
i know it wouldn't be as thrilling as all my favorite john grishams, 
but it's still something. and i would be totally into it. 
i was summoned for jury duty in sarpy county, nebraska. 
but i won't be able to serve because i've moved. 
i live in minnesota, guys! i can't! i'm sorry. 
sarpy, thanks for picking me. i always knew i liked you. 
and even though it's not going to work out, i will always remember how close i came. 


Anonymous said...

Jury duty is sort of weirdly fun. When I went, I sat next to a man who was wearing pants with flames printed on them. While we waited we watched "Meet the Parents" on a little tv. So random.

All fodder for the novel, right?

Hilda said...

When I was on jury duty we all got thrown out because the judge thought we were all tainted.

When Tony had jury duty he got an exciting case and enjoyed it so much he wondered if being a juror could be a full-time job.

Blair said...

Oh, you are too funny! I would love to be on jury duty too:) My brother was on one for a pretty high profile case in chicago and said it was horrible but I think he was just being a kurmudgen.

Bryant said...

i hope murray county picks you!

Hannah Barnes said...

Hi Summer,
Thanks for your comment! I had exactly the same feeling as you when I finished Redeeming Love - As I was reading those last few pages, I slowed down my pace just to take it all in and prolong the time until the story was finished - I just didn't want it to end!
If you're in need of a good recipe for banana bread / loaf, the one I baked last week was a good'un so just let me know if you'd like it!

Anneliese said...

i got chosen for jury duty once...and i actually had to call the day of to see if my case was going...but it wasn't. so close.

kOrTnI said...

mrs source of winsome,

i'm a consistent checker of your blog and i must say-i enjoy it! i feel as if we're friends; i read along saying yes, yes, i know, you understand. oh, and i adore lists. :)

this post made me smile. i have ALWAYS wanted to be called for jury duty-still haven't yet. but people are always curious as to why i'd want that or am jealous that others get called upon.

thank you for sharing this desire.




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