April 14, 2009
all things easterie '09.
a haircut from haley.
paul mitchell lemon sage thickening magic.
bowling. with personal bests included.
high speed scrabble.
an early birthday soiree, featuring mom's 3-layer red velvet.
meeting up in the big corner booth over chicken burritos.
a flawless, sunny saturday.
frisbee golf outing with grant.
late night egg dyeing at the kitchen table.
it's the easter beagle charlie brown.
the pow-wow panera breakfast summit.
giving grant the grand tour of my alma mater.
cruising with the sunroof open.
laptop central living room.
redken all soft + smooth down.
sunday morning at cbc. just like the good old days.
christ the lord is risen today, alleluia.
easter ham & classic corn casserole.
and the drive home was adventurous too.
the april issue of instyle- thanks, mom.
reading up on the beauty buys '09.
new mix cd from haley.
including new john mayer & a little archuleta crush.
surprise mochaccino from grant.
homeward. with a full car & full camera.
thanks for a wonderful time, guys.
you are always the perfect hosts. love you.


Renee said...

Always a pleasure to have you both home! Great pics and great memories! Thanks for a fun weekend..and celebrating your birthday early! (the red cake has been delish!)

Jillian said...

Cute post. It's always so good to go home!



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