April 14, 2009
01. do go grocery shopping on easter night.
the walmart aisles were never so pleasant. the place was deserted.
02. do stock up on fresh fruit while you're there.
then you can make this too good to be true salad every night this week.
which is what i'm planning on doing.
you'll need to add black plums, strawberries, gala apples, & kiwi to your list.
03. do buy the target brand of this. in spring fresh scent, please.
04. do sample the all-natural grilled breakfast sandwich at panera.
05. do put heart breaker by michael jackson on your workout playlist.
06. do tell your husband that you're making dinner without a recipe. he'll admire you.
07. do make a point of watching old movies. and musicals. you won't regret it.
08. do add this blog to your google reader.
09. do use google reader.
10. do tell me if you do any of these things. would love to hear.
11. don't tell your 16-year old sister that you don't text.
12. don't order the wild lemonade at buffalo wild wings. too wild. too wildly sweet.
13. don't expect to find a fingernail brush at target. or that coral elbow-sleeve in a medium.
14. don't judge me because i like high school musical.
please don't, i mean. manners are nice.
15. don't vote off kris allen or matt giraud. please? we like them.


Emily said...

Love the fresh 365 tip- what a beautiful blog!

And that fruit salad looks so yummy. We did our Walmart shopping on Easter evening too and it was a dream compared to normal. -e

Kelli said...

I LOVE those Panera sandwiches. They are ever so yummy! The fruit salad looks good and now I want some. Great snack!
I laughed at your text statement.

Ash said...

I am also a believer in old movies, google reader, and high school musical [as well as matt giraud and kris allen]. Great post!

Anonymous said...

I do like Matt. I'm kind of rooting for Gokey, though.

And grocery shopping at night is my favorite thing! I'm always hauling my boyfriend into the car at eleven o'clock to go to the 24-hour Stop and Shop. It's a ghost town in the best kind of way.

fresh365 said...

Thanks SO much for adding me to your post! I just came across your blog and I can't wait to read EVERYTHING!!

Anonymous said...

grocery shopping at walmart?! fresh fruit at walmart?! this is news to me. as far as i knew, all they sold there food-wise was candy. i guess i've been shopping at all the wrong places...

making time to watch old movies and musicals is a must. i watched the sound of music this weekend and it was great. can't help but smile and sing along :)

Anneliese said...

ok... 1.i'm going to get more fruit for a fruit salad ( i have a ton of grapes right now...) 2. i don't use fabric softener...should i? i might try it. 3. i put in 7 brides for 7 brothers at random...usually while i am putting away laundry. 4. HSM is my fav. ALSO, i would like to let you know that we were at the grocery store the other night and shawn said we needed to pick up jam...i dirrected him to your suggestion and it is soooo delish! thanks:)

Kerri Lynne said...

i love going to the 24-hour walmart nearby late at night when almost no one else is cruising the aisles!

mj said...

don't normally pick up the perishables from wally world but while i was there checking some household goods off my list, i braved the crowds in produce and picked up the fruit for our salad ... at a discounted price i might add. delish and cute!

panera makes the yummiest sandwiches don't they! i highly recommend the mediterranean veggie!

Sophie said...

That picture makes me so hungry!

Blair said...

Oh, can't wait to check out that blog! And I went shopping Easter evening at the grocery store and it was so much less stressful--nice and quite! Hope you are having a good day!

sunny said...

Found your blog through marta's.
Found Fresh 365 last week. WOO HOO!
Will try the panera sandwich.
Loving your telling of the romance with grant.



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