April 15, 2009
i know exactly what i'm going to do.
i've found another use for my dreamy cream cheese
it's in the freezer, by the way. just waiting to be spread all over..  
these cinnamon swirl buns. mm. mmmm. mmmmmm.
thanks for showing me the way, smitten
speaking of smitten. she's got exciting news today.
i almost couldn't believe it. the world is changing.
she's moving to a brand new kitchen. with a dishwasher & window! 
hello lovely photo lighting. as if her pictures weren't stunning enough before. 
and she's going to have a baby! oh how exciting.
can't wait for kid-friendly recipes to start filling up her archives.
someday i'll need them.
oh. and she's going to visit the pioneer woman! that's right. 
the pioneer woman. the woman who writes the blog that i can't resist.
her words stream through my reader roll & go straight to my sarcasm-loving heart. 
speaking of the pw. i could also go this route for my now-frozen frosting.
anyway. in just a few days, the sk + pw conference will begin. 
i can't wait. but i'm still getting over the initial shock.
it feels like one of those dreams where your social spheres merge.
teachers from high school are co-existing with kids from camp. that kind of thing.
well. now my food blog worlds are colliding. can this really be happening?
yep. sure is. and i like it. 


Kelli said...

I love the Pioneer Woman and her recipes. She is always making me laugh.



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