May 27, 2009
the minutes that i spend thinking about this vacation are racking up. i keep remembering that it's only two days away. and i'm too excited for words. also been thinking about the fact that this west coast excursion is taking us roundtrip, nonstop from last day of school to first day of camp. i have a feeling the next two weeks will be positively whisked out from under me. when we get back from cali, we will have exactly one day to get ready and get camping. one day. one day. if i can just accomplish the following things within the next 48 hours, i'll be golden.
one. get packed for california
two. scrub toilet and tub
three. iron new shorts
four.wash the blanket we used when we were sick
five.treat the kitchen sink with white vinegar + barkeeper's friend
six. use up all of our milk and eggs and chicken
seven. throw the leftovers & take out the trash
eight. wipe out the fridge
nine. pack up the bathroom
ten. pick out clothes to bring to camp
eleven. wash new bedding for bed in brygger
twelve. make one last trip to the gym
thirteen. hand in my gym card, freeze membership for summer
fourteen.dust, vacuum, dishes
fifteen. make two more dinners and one more sack lunch for grant
sixteen. paint nails (this is how i get into vacation mode)
seventeen. leave everything spotless (a girl can dream)
i should probably fit some showering in there somewhere, too. the pressure is on. with a tremendous slice of luck, i will pull this off. here i go.
** just found out that our landlady has two people lined up to come see the house on friday. and they will be looking at the apartment, too. so i really should leave the place looking spic & span. man, oh man. must get back to work.


Nessa said...

Good luck and I hope you enjoy California!

Frau said...

And shave to scratch number 12 and add shower and shave!

Kelli said...

You do have a lot to do in 48 hours, but I have no doubt you'll get it done. Have fun in Cali, there's nothing like vacation!

Christina said...

Don't rush. Just go calmly from one thing to the next. That's how I get the most done; no running around wasting time and motion like a chicken with my head cut off. And speaking of chicken, if you don't get it all used up, just throw it in the freezer. It'll wait. Unfortunately that doesn't work with eggs and milk. ; ) I hope your trip is lovely in every way.

marta said...

good luck, good luck. have so much fun.


I can't exist without lists, maybe its a virgo thing??? Now I am on my notes page on my blackberry making lists all the time. It helps me run a party planning business and a family of 5!!

Jillian said...

You are indeed quite the listmaker! I wish I could be as diligent. Good luck with everything, and enjoy your vacation!

linnea said...

You can do it :o) It will feel so good to leave for camp with a sparkly clean house. Whenever I go out of town, it's always a scramble for me to get ready... I like making lists for myself (like you do!) to help remind me what I need to be doing. Here are some things I like adding to my list:

-unplug everything I can
-travel tan (apply sunless tanner the night before)
-make some soup to leave in the freezer... so I'll have something waiting for me when I get home.

You can do it :o) Have fun & savor it all!

Renee said...

can't wait to see you! Just think...when you get'll be ON VACATION!! YAY!!



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