May 28, 2009
made my vacation playlist. some songs are new, some are old. 
but the mix is mint. never been played. woohoo. hope it sounds like california. 
01. don't stop believin'   by the cast of glee
02. gotta get thru this (d'n'd radio edit)   by daniel bedingfield
03. more time   by needtobreathe
04. between the lines   by sara bareilles
05. stitched up   by herbie hancock feat. john mayer
06. i do not hook up    by kelly clarkson
07. walking on air   by kerli  (weird song, but the chorus is awesome)
08. mushaboom   by feist
09. can't take that plane   by john mayer
10. heartless   by kris allen
11. many the miles   by sara bareilles
12. touch my hand   by david archuleta
13. please don't leave me    by p!nk
14. stop this train    by john mayer
15. lovers in japan/reign of love    by coldplay
16. leavin'   by jesse mccartney
17. not now but soon   by imogen heap
18. lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken   by camera obscura
19. the climb   by miley cyrus
20. the man who can't be moved   by the script
21. tell him   by colbie caillat
22. there's nothing better than    by joss stone
23. let go   by frou frou
24. poker face   by lady gaga
25. in your atmosphere (live)   by john mayer
* if you watched dancing with the stars, you might recognize no. 02.
a big, huge thanks to everyone who chimed in with their travel + preparing to leave tips. you are so wonderful. blogworld is positively swarming with helpful people and brilliant minds. i love it. 
have been studying up on my disneyland survival and merriment via the comment section on this post by marta. it is chock full of genius suggestions from people who have seriously conquered this whole having a magical day deal. yay. if you guys have any more traveling tips or disney hints, lay them on me. please, pretty please. i will love you forever and think of you when i go romping through the streets of tomorrowland. 
oh, and if you have a song that you think would make this mix even more marvelous, lay that on me too. i have an itunes gift card and i'm not afraid to use it.


Christina said...

Look up Lisa Hannigan's CD Sea Sew. We just got it yesterday, and I'm loving it. Oh, and if you're flying, wear slip on shoes; it'll make security lines go SO much more smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Ooh great, I always love a new list of music.

I love The Benjamin Gate - they're kinda hardcore Christian but not screaming or anything. Check them out. Sadly, no longer a group.

Death Cab for a Cutie - Summer Skin

Eric Hutchinson - Ok it's alright with me
Eric Hutchinson - Rock n' Roll
Break Free - Hillsong United

Lily Allen's new album - It's Not Me, It's You - some bad words so I just skip over that part :)

Air - Playground Love

I think that's all my recommendations :)

Anonymous said...

By the way, thanks for the new John Mayer songs! :) Never heard them. I loveeee his music. Oh maybe some Damien Rice - Cannonball, Volcano, The Blowers Daughter, Delicate.

Kelli said...

Cool song list. You are going to have a great time and I love the Disney post on Marta's blog. Helpful.

Jen said...

Look up
Brendan James- "Let Your Beat Go On" (the whole "The Day is Brave" album is great
Amos Lee- anything from "Amos Lee" album
And I am also REALLY loving a new one I found- Justin Nozuka. Take a listen to "After Tonight"
I like really soulful things, so if you are into that I have about 1 million suggestions.
You should also (if you haven't already) check out you can create your VERY own radio stations online based on an artist you like or a song you like. You can then "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" songs to customize your stations further.
Oh and I definitely agree with Jessica on Damien Rice. He's kind of "intense", but really great. Volcano is my fave.

Renee said...

my new fave...also from "Dancing with the Stars"...(most likely what helped Shawn and Mark win!)...
"Do Your Thing" Basement Jaxx!

Maryclayre Dick said...

LUCKY! By Jason Mraz and Colbie Callet (sp?) I think you and Grant will love it...especially singing it as a duet :)

ALFIE said...

lovin the tunes::

currently on my list:

walking on a dream: empire of the sun
candy: paolo nutini
que sera sera: sly and the family stone

snakes and ladders: basia bulat
city of black and white: mat kearney
silver lining: rilo kiley
just a boy: angus and julia stone


wunderbug said...

guh! guh! goodness. there's too much to say about this soundtrack. frou frou! imogen! sarah bareilles! john mayer! feist!


i have two: 'speak slow' by tegan and sarah, and 'this boy' by james morrison.

Judy said...

How about some good ole Beach Boys!

Frau said...

Great playlist!have fun in Cali! No tips for Disney except smile and dress for the weather, bring a backpack full of water and treats, maybe get a locker everything is so expensive there. Oh and pack Ibproren cause a headache or neckache is a guarantee.

John & Teresa said...

Well, since you have such a variety, here are a few that I just purchased from iTunes: Disturbia by Rihanna, Free Fallin' by John Mayer and Get Higher by Matt Nathanson. I've been to Tokyo Disneyland and it's just as magical ... have a GREAT time!

Kerri Lynne said...

Love #18 on your playlist, and I must admit that I've been playing leavin' by jesse mccartney a lot over the past few days, as well. Guilty pleasure!



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