July 7, 2009
in honor of mj's memorial today, and by special request, i present an essential michael jackson playlist. some of my favorite songs from each mj era. some classics, some lesser knowns. some that grant has introduced me to. some that you can sing to. some you can workout to. some you should buy. one that we used for mail call at camp two years ago. one that played at our wedding reception. and even one that i danced to in second grade gym class. all amazing. enjoy.
song | album
01. billie jean | thriller (according to grant, the best beat of all time.)
02. don't stop till you get enough | off the wall (have you seen this video?)
03. heaven can wait | invincible (heretical, but so catchy.)
04. p.y.t. | thriller (wedding reception.)
05. you rock my world | invincible (totally a car song.)
06. abc | anthology: jackson 5 (really? you don't own this?)
07. i wanna be where you are | anthology: jackson 5 (ooh, he can hit those high ones.)
08. smooth criminal | bad (grew up not knowing the words & loving it.)
09. wanna be startin' something | thriller (mama say, mama sah, mama coo sah.)
10. beat it | thriller (2nd grade gym class.)
11. heart breaker | invincible (i run to this one.)
12. man in the mirror | bad (kris allen.)
13. shake your body | the essential jacksons (just try not to dance.)
14. the love you save | anthology: jackson 5 (cute michael.)
15. thriller | thriller (head jerk to shoulder, please.)
16. human nature | thriller (matt giraud at the piano.)
17. black or white | dangerous (mom's favorite music video.)
18. little bitty pretty one | anthology: jackson 5 (for doing dishes.)
19. the way you make me feel | bad (makes me want to put on some heels.)
20. my girl | motown legends: michael jackson (sweet michael.)
21. can you feel it | the essential michael jackson (mail call.)
22. i want you back | anthology: jackson 5 (how did you get to this point in life without it?)
23. bad | bad (tough michael.)
24. blame it on the boogie | the essential michael jackson (disco funk + brotherly harmony.)
25. i'll be there | anthology: jackson 5 (our michael.)
*bonus.. will you be there | dangerous (free willy. how could i forget? thanks, christy.)


christy said...

Oh summer... IS there NOT a place in your heart for "WILL YOU BE THERE?"-- the FREE WILLY SONG?! I just about fainted... literally... ;)

Kelli said...

You are taking me back. I love your list of songs. Nothing like Michael's music. What does "mama sa mama sah, mama coo sah" even mean...and does it really matter...nope, we sing right along with it.

Anonymous said...

I love the Kris Allen version of Man in the Mirror! So great.

Thanks for this, Summer.

leni said...

great mix!

erin elizabeth king said...

oh my... do i remember #10!!! haha on the record player! good times.

oh, hello friend. said...

great list.

really enjoy your blog and love your 'about me' - i love making lists and good grammar, haha!


jessica said...

Where might a girl find this lemon cleaner? I am such a fan of lemon and citrus. I'm always looking for things to make my house smell fresh and clean.

summer said...

jessica, the watkins products are marvelous! the lemon is truly sensational. if you're interested, you can get it via their website. in fact, our camp even has an account with them and you can go through us if you want to. just go to watkinsonline.com/campshetek.

hope you enjoy the lemony goodness!

megan said...

this is a perfect list!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... Off the wall



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