July 28, 2009
1. her new ellipse album releasing on august 25th.
2. monster bars on thursday night.
3. putting away the last load of laundry that's sitting on my bed.
4. painting my toenails purple sometime soon.
5. cooking for two, instead of two-hundred.
6. skit night on friday.
7. grant's birthday next month.
8. rebecca coming home from africa on august 7th.
9. maybe seeing this movie. michael cera is one of our favorites.
10. someday trying this recipe. no nuts please.
11. a day with no wind.
12. a secret package to arrive in the mail in just days.
13. finding the perfect white v-neck tee.
14. finding the perfect peach.
15. zucchini bread with friday morning breakfast.
16. getting to all the good parts in this book.
17. sweet corn.


christy said...

PS I'm a fan of Gap's white V-necks.

Christina said...

; ) Nice to "see" you in the bloggy world again.

Kelli said...

Ooh, Grant's birthday. I'm sure you have some sweet plans.

Diana said...

What a co-winky-dink! I am eating the most perfect peach for breakfast right this very second. It is delicious...I hope you find one, too!

Donna said...

try these: Hanes brand, Men's Vneck white tshirts (tagless)...come 3 in a pack for $8 bucks...can't beat that! I've worn mine ALL summer!

Anonymous said...

What a great list! Hope camp has been just amazing.

hannah said...

Mmmm...I can't wait for the perfect peach too!

Loving your blog!

Anonymous said...

i cant wait for imogen heap's new cd to be out!!!

donyaluana said...

summer! where have you been? I've missed your posts. I need some inspiring images of your cooking :)

btw, I'm very much excited for the new Imogen Heap album as well!

hope your summer is going well!



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