August 20, 2009
we have some catching up to do. has it really been this long? really?
yes, really. i have skipped out on almost a whole month of the blog. my friends are telling me that they are tired of checking in and seeing imogen's picture. okay, okay. you're right, guys. thanks for still stopping by after a month of inactivity and for caring enough to tell me to get with it. or to at least change the picture. i love you.
the world (meaning my life) has changed quite a bit since i last wrote, and i almost don't even know where to begin with the catching up. i would try to do it little by little, but would surely feel overwhelmed. it would simply be impossible to tell you everything. so, i will settle for a hasty recap and then move on to blogging about things of the present. here we go.
camp is over. the summer was a huge success. we had a fantastic staff, no major injuries or illnesses, and record numbers of campers. lives were changed and hearts were won and relationships improved and priorities were set straight and the blessings were innumerable. God is so good. His work is beyond anything i could ever ask or imagine. camp always makes me realize that fact over & over again. i love that. and at the end everybody went home & back to the real world.. except for us. grant and i are lingering a little while at our summer home, enjoying life by the lake.
last week we roadtripped to omaha to visit my family + friends. we celebrated grant's 26th birthday and i made him a butterfinger brownie cake that i will share more details about later. i found a stellar shirt at a thrift store that i can't wait to wear. grant calls it my 'farmgirl' shirt. oh, i finally saw the new harry potter movie and really liked it. and i also saw the new g.i. joe movie and totally hated it. oh, one more thing. a brand new possibility has popped up on the fall horizon for me, so grant and i have some deciding to do. will keep you posted on what's in store for me this year. no matter what, it's going to be good.
ps. i'm officially back. for good.


jerseyandmilan said...

YAY welcome back!!

Ash said...

I'm so glad you're back. I was thinking about you today, actually. That sounds weird. Oh well.

I'm glad your summer has been swell!

Kelli said...

Well you've been missed this way. Thanks for the recap, and I'm glad you are enjoying your summer. Welcome back!

marta said...

hooray, hooray. thanks for the update. i loved it. first off i loved your words about hearts were won and lives were changed.. what a mighty thing to behold.

and a butterfinger cake?! no way. i must know. details, pictures, oh my goodness, i don't know if i can wait. wow, what a great wife you are.

and third, am wishing you all the best with the big decisions. those are always so hard. but it's so nice to have a husband to hash it out with, really decide what's best.. adventures are abounding in your world.


Diana said...

Oh, I'm so glad you're back. Your blog is one of my favorites and I miss reading it! But it sounds like you've got some exciting things on the horizon. Can't wait to hear the details!

lucinda said...

welcome back. i was so thrilled to see you pop up in my "reader". looking forward to hearing more....

Aunt Kayleen said...

Welcome back, Summer! I've missed my daily blog from you!! Can't wait to read about the new cake recipe and the decisions you and Grant must make. Will be back to check on you tomorrow.

summer said...
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Renee said...

i guess you were still signed on my computer!! so now I'm you!! that was fun!! feel free to remove it!!

Christina said...

Nice to see you back. ; )

John and Teresa said...

Summer, I'm glad you're back! I'm looking forward to hearing about your decisions and future plans.

Kerri Lynne said...

glad to have you back! and i'm even more glad that you seemed to have had an enjoyable summer!


mj said...

sounds like big plans are about to unfold, how exciting! thanks for the tip on g.i.joe ... it looked questionable to take the kids to, especially after the 2nd transformers movie. (got a little nervous about who is deciding what content should be pg-13)!
am so looking forward to hearing more about that butterfinger cake!!! have a wonderful day!



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