August 24, 2009
today we moved home.
you can see my little housewarming gift from grant on the left there. as we drove into town we stopped at the corner to pick up these pretty peachies from a white van with a sticker on the back door that said 'the future is organic.' the friendly old farmer could barely make it out of his lawn chair before announcing to us that the gladiolus was 'the king of the annuals! yes indeed, the king of the annuals!' grant and i thought him very charming. he informed us that the kingly beauties were 75 cents a stem. my cheeks almost went numb from the smiling that ensued. i love cheap thrills that make you feel high-class.
i left with 3 stems of sweet eye candy and 6 ears of sweet corn and a very happy heart.
moving status: we are completely done ferrying things from camp to our apartment in town. woohoo! it only took two trips in our little mazda to get the job done. once we got home we just dropped everything in big stacks and in one massive heap on the living room floor. as the day went on, we made progress with project:unpacking. i am encouraged. as of now, the living room is entirely tidy. the bedroom is halfway in order, with piles of clothes and camp gear curbed to one side. the bathroom is a hurricane of totes and target sacks and hair products. the groceries are bought and stored away. the laundry has somehow filled its bin again. the majority of stuff has been liberated from the heap and has at least moved to its general area of belonging. and there are flowers. fresh flowers in the house always cover over all sorts of wrongs. now tomorrow i start project:put away. it's always nice to try to put things away more neatly than they were before. wish me luck.


Kelli said...

I have no doubt that your apt will be like home in no time. Home sweet home! The flowers are beautiful.

marta said...

welcome home, g + s.
absolutely beautiful blooms.

Kerri Lynne said...

good luck with your unpacking! my boyfriend and i just moved and this weekend we were finally able to fully unpack. the lack of cardboard in our new home is enough to keep me smiling for days!

good to have you back, your blog has been a long time favorite of mine!



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