August 21, 2009
as i mentioned yesterday, grant and i are lingering at camp for a few days. we decided to postpone the move home & the huge grocery shopping trip & assuming regular responsibilities for just a short while yet. we are reveling in the down time and finally beginning to grasp the fact that we have no schedule to keep.
we bought a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, and a couple lunchables (my childhood favorite) and are living the good life here at the almost-deserted camp. we eat when we are hungry, nap when we are sleepy, and do as we please. we've no obligations, other than to be with each other as much as we possibly can. and we've no plans, other than to rent a movie for 50 cents at the little grocery store in town. i am feeling like this is legit vacationing. grant is pondering new projects and researching gadgets and washing + waxing the car. i am poring over my books, doing a little piano playing and taking walks on the gravel roads. am really hoping the weather warms up so that i can have another swim in the lake soon. although, this rainy and cool weather we've had does make a perfect backdrop for curling up with a good book. and it always puts me in the mood to watch anne of green gables. wish i owned that one.
the stretch between the end of camp and the beginning of school truly is one of our most wonderful times of the year. it is an amazing thing, and such a privilege, to be jobless and fancy free for a week, with your husband, at a camp, on a lake. it's like our very own on golden pond setting.. except that we have pelicans and canadian geese instead of loons. (i love henry fonda & katherine hepburn, don't you?) but seriously, this is surreal. who in the world gets to do this? me, apparently. it's too good to be true.
i'm sure now you can see why i've not been here writing this blog lately, right? there's simply been no time. no time at all.


Riss said...

Sounds like my kind of vacation! Now you have me aching to watch "Anne of Green Gables," as well. I may have to pull that out of the vault as soon as I can crawl out from under my gigantic pile of textbooks!

Glad to see you are back! I missed your daily dose of sunshine!

Tesa said...

I've been reading "Anne" (such a great read) these last few weeks... yes, it takes me a few weeks because I don't have "vacation days" like you do--sounds wonderful!

Hannah said...

Anne of Green Gables has always been a favorite of mine too :)

Frau said...

Sounds amazing enjoy every minute!

Kerri Lynne said...

SO JEALOUS! you're lucky to have this opportunity to spend good, quality time with your husband. who doesn't love a little time with no schedules, no to-do lists and to be able to do whatever you please, whenever you want!

ps) the lake looks beautiful! :)

Kelli said...

Sounds like a great way to spend time with you honey. I am sure you wouldn't have it any other way. Enjoy.

Holly said...

Sounds like you had a great summer! I worked at summer camps until the summer before I got married - I miss it! The week or two stretch between the end of camp and the beginning of :real life" was bliss!

donya said...

We just spent a relaxing week up at the in-law's cabin, and my husband's family made me watch On Golden Pond for the first time. Love that movie now! So funny that you mentioned it. Hope your lovely vacation continues, but great to have you back and blogging :)

mj said...

sounds like the perfect ending to a perfectly wonderful summer. it also sounds like you are truly taking it all in and savoring every blessed minute. welcome back to blogging ... we missed ya!



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