November 20, 2009
friday night we arranged the living room, and by george, i love it. really love it. saturday morning i couldn't wait to get out of bed and go downstairs to see it again. for the first few days we had it all in a temporary jumble and it was subconsciously stressing me out. but now it is all open and airy and simple. sidenote.. please don't hate me if you find the pillows on our borrowed couch heinous. they were big and soft and on clearance for $6.00 at target. anyway, i think they might actually be cool. maybe?
i cannot believe that just one week ago today i was sitting in our old apartment. that time feels really far away in my head, but it also seems like just yesterday. it's strange how whirlwinds work like that. we are now legally bound to this house, we even signed our names with middle initials included. that's the real deal. we have a pretty grey mailbox with a beaming red flag, which i have already stuck up to hail the mailman. and i saw him take my little envelopes on their way this morning. we have walking mailmen here instead of the drive-by sort that i am used to from my life in the suburbs. another thing we have here are cheap houses. our landlady's house (the house our old apartment was in) was auctioned off this weekend; grant and i went so that we could explore her side of the house and see what it would go for. it sold for $21,000. i'm sure all of you city folk are in awe.
i have now put a couple loads through the new dishwasher, which was a little unnerving after having gone without one since pre-wedding days. hopefully i got the cereal bowls going the right way. i've realized that these new fancy-schmancy dishwarshers (i never say 'warsh' in real life) have a handy little spot for what they call 'rinse aid'. judging by my water spots, i think i'm going to need some of that juice. we are finding a home for my 'daily dishes' in our little kitchen and dreaming big dreams for how to store all the others, like the blender. where we will end up putting that, i'm not sure. someday grant would like to build something like the stellar counter|shelving unit we saw at anthropologie. he's really into building and making things right now, which i totally love.
when the downstairs bedroom doors are closed, things are looking pretty good around here. or at least livable and workable and promising. i am so thankful for a house that was move-in ready. and thankful for a husband who cleaned all the windows over the weekend and solved the problem of the cold basement. knowing grant lives in this house gives me such peace. he is the epitome of a good steward. it's fun to watch him take ownership of this new home and put his mr. fixit qualities to work.
last week i called mom. during our talk i told her that this place did not feel like home. i'm happy to report that today feels like a completely different story. the arranging and organizing has done wonders for my mindset. i'm growing accustomed to the new noises, smells, and lighting, and the coziness factor is way, way up. we even had our first snug sunday evening at home, complete with magazine-clipping and snowblower-shopping and peanut butter toast with honey.
one more thing. i've been pleasantly surprised by the ease of acclimating to a brand new blog spot. (the spot where you usually blog is so unusual, don't you find? it is terribly hard to for me to write anywhere else.) the new venue feels a good fit and the words seem to circulate as they used to. while i sit here and type i can see the neighbor dog running through our yards chasing squirrels. i hope we get to be friends so that i can pet him whenever i want. (i miss my dog. can you tell?) anyway, i'm so thankful that the new space has not resulted in lacking motivation or enthusiasm about writing.
speaking of enthusiasm, apparently i have an abundance of it today.


Jeremy and Sarah said...

What color are your walls?

Anonymous said...

So happy for you! The living room looks gorgeous.

EliseBlaha said...

i adore the wall color. oooh, i can't wait for a house...

natalie said...

thanks for sharing the picture with us, summer! your house looks beautiful and welcoming! i love the pillows i think they shout potterybarn!

marta said...

just perfect. wow. you are very on top of it! really am so happy for you. love the newly arranged room and beautiful wall color too.

yes, your enthusiasm is palpable, as is the goodness of your new blogging spot.

holly-lynn said...

not sure how it would feel blogging from somewhere other than my couch late at night!? love the room!! those pillows add the perfect splash of color. yes 21,000 is amazing. i went to an auction sunday & the house went for $42,000 & i was awed at that!

christine said...

just gotta love those floors. also..peanut butter toast and honey? the best. love you and miss you. praying for you and grant often!

Hannah Barnes said...

what a lovely new home you have - I've just moved too, though not into my own home - I'm lodging with a family who have 5 children, so I'm still adjusting to having one room in a house, and the whole thing of an unusual blogging spot? I'm feeling that, and hoping to get settled back in soon!
Also, it's an amazing revelation (being an English girl) that your mail man collects your post!! How amazing! We have to take ours to a pillar-red post box. I love learning little details about differences in living in other countries. Thanks for sharing!



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