February 23, 2010
they sent grant home early from school.. a half snowday. three cheers for living in rural minnesota! and this minute he's swinging by the library to pick up on the banks of plum creek for me. and needless to say, i am baking. snowy days call for it.
husband home - oven on - book borrowed.. and i think to myself, what a wonderful world.
ps. be back later to show you what's making my house smell incredible. in the meantime, i've realized how much i like the shape of our backyard tree. i think i'm going to spend years getting to know this tree. it's a good thing i already like it so much.


Renee said...

what a fun day in store for you both! can't wait to hear what's in the oven at your house!!

Kelli said...

You two are sweet! I wanted to tell you that I was able to snuggle up and watch Shop Around the Corner and it was so cute. Thanks for the recommendation.

Christina said...

I like studying the shapes of trees too! Part of making friends with a new house is observing and assessing the shapes of the trees you can see from the windows. I think I've done it in every house I've ever lived in.

p.s. have fun on your half snow day!

Anneliese said...

we were over at a families house the other night & i noticed the entire little house series on their shelf. i sat there and thought about each book & how i have read them at least 4 times a piece. farmer boy was always my favorite for some reason! i really need to make sure my younger sisters have read these :)

christine said...

great choice on the book! on the banks of plum creek is my all time favorite of little house. such a good series. hope you're having a great day summer!



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