April 21, 2010
my latest thrift. two sets of spearminty green napkins (14 total) and a teeny tiny pitcher, which i plan on using for maple syrup. all for $5. my heart skipped a beat as i carried them home.
on a different note..
chances are, you've seen this sweet little stop-motion kindle commercial. and if you're like me, you wondered where to get that charming song. good news.. you can download it for free right here! i'm listening to it all day. go get it! it's even better in full. can't wait for more little & ashley.


swell.life said...

great finds! the aqua color will go perfect with tall glasses of summertime lemonade.

i have a similar little glass pitcher that we use for exactly that...maple syrup.

thanks for the song tip...am off to download.

Nessa said...

I love the colors - what great thrifting...

Nessa said...

oh...and thank you so much for the link to the download!

Renee said...

thanks for the free download tip summer...just got it! love the song!
i too, just bought a nifty/thrifty syrup container..but mine looks like the kind you'd find in a restaurant..now we'll feel like we're eating out..at home!!

mommyholly said...

Fabulous finds! LOVE those napkins! I am off to go thrifting with my mom and sister today, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I find some lovely deals as well! :)
xoxox Holly

Bryant said...

I want a piece of spearmint gum after looking at those threads. That glass pitcher is perfect for maple syrup. Especially with apple streusel pancakes from market pantry.

Anonymous said...

the green teatowels are so cute -- love that shade of green :] great find!

Eeny said...

Love your finds.
Love the colors
Love the song.
(But unfortunately I can't download it, it's "available only to US customers".)

Flighty Me said...

wonderful finds. It's the little things like a sweet pitcher to pour syrup in that makes life extra sweet :)

Christina said...

I loooove the minty-green napkins, which isn't surprising since I'm wild about almost anything green. : )

Miranda said...

Bravo on the thrifting finds! I really love that Kindle commercial, thanks for finding the song!

Jordan and Jandee said...

love those green napkins, they just look like springtime.

Grant said...

Hopefully your heart skipping a beat doesn't cause health problems down the road.



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