April 7, 2010
take a peek at what we did on monday, and our three new additions..
we have a baby rhubarb patch! grant's grandma (the expert gardener) not only told us that this was the week to transplant rhubarb, she gave us three sprouts from her own garden. thank you, marian! she also told us that the rhubarb will be okay by itself while we're at camp all summer. it's hardy enough and doesn't require much babysitting. woohoo!
we won't have anything eatable for a couple of years, but i don't even care. there's something growing in our backyard (other than grass)! and good news: yesterday, it rained. grow little rhubarb, grow!


nataliep. said...

yay!! rhubarb is so tasty, too. congrats on getting your garden started. how exciting to get to put your fingerprints on your new home and yard!

Tesa said...

I agree...Rhubarb hardly needs any maintenance. Watching things grow is so amazing- and FUN! Yay for your new additions!

Renee said...

can't wait for rhubarb pie!! or rhubarb and strawberry crisp...oh the recipes will be endless! congrats!!

Rachelle said...

wow! so earthy and cool. oh if i only had a green thumb. one of these days i'll have to give it a try. for now i'll imagine your garden is my garden. it's dreamy!!!

Amanda said...

Think of all those apple and rhubarb pies you'll be able to make :) I definitely need to get started on a vegie patch at our place, would be so wonderful to have fresh produce. Love your blog - am now following :)

ChelseaF said...

Love it...and more than a little jealous. ;)

Anneliese said...

how fun! i love rhubarb. you need (in 3 years...) to make rhubarb bread! it is my fav.

Rebecca said...

Grandma Vi just taught me how to make blueberry rhubarb jam! You could give me some rhubarb and I could give you some jam...



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