April 9, 2010
news from today.
i'm at home. yay. my first thought this morning was how thankful i am for this.
it's sunny, and in the 60's. thankful, again.
it's windy, as always. but i'm getting over it. (i live in one of the windiest places in the usa. for real.)
i'm still wearing sweats. why wear out a good pair of jeans when i'm by myself, picking up dead flies (with a napkin), and cleaning that spot inside the door that collects all the grime from our driveway?
i will hit the neighborhood sidewalks later, to celebrate this being the nicest day of the week.
i ate toast and jam, finishing off the last jar of my strawberry rhubarb raspberry.
i practiced my handwriting while filling out paperwork for the spelling bee.
have i mentioned that grant is in charge of a spelling bee tomorrow? go, grant.
i'm icing my left knee, because it has started to bug me the day after i run.
i'm emptying garbages around the house. wiping door knobs. using goo gone. and other chores.
i'm marinating chicken for my sister in law's rendition of chipotle. grant's fave.
i'm thawing rhubarb for the next batch of jam. we can't last more than 2 days without it.
i have my next skirt cut out, i might start sewing it up this afternoon.
i'm listening to bach. which always makes me feel like my house is clean.
i counted, and i will only see my preschoolers 12 more times before the year is done. oh no!
i'm anxious to have grant home for the weekend and eat tacos with him.
i'm about to have some lunch. i have the same lunch everyday that i'm at home. i count on it.
i never ever get tired of sandwiches on homemade bread. and apples with peanut butter.
i wonder, do you guys have the same thing for lunch? happy friday!
this weekend i will be busy helping my mother in law prepare a grand feast for 100 people at our church. fresh homemade bread, an elegant salad, and two kinds of cake are on the menu. as per usual for a judy meal. i learn loads about menu construction from judy. it's an amazing skill.


Kelli said...

And the recipe for the marinade is...? Ha! I'm not the only one who practices my handwriting...sweet. Enjoy your walk and your tacos!

Kaitlyn Luce said...

I used to eat the same thing all the time. A cold cut sandwich, but i've tried switching it up a bit with salads.

Also, apples with peanut butter is amazing. I love that.

kristin said...

i am so amazed at what you get done in one day. ah! i love it. the wonders of a great homemaker. i can only hope i will be 1/2 as good as you when the kids aren't in the house as much!

Nessa said...

Loving the jam - I bet you look forward to your crop in the coming years. There is something about planting plants that makes you really feel connected to your home. Have a great weekend.

Holly said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile but I don't think I've ever commented! I don't eat the same thing for lunch every day (I usually have leftovers!) but there was a lady at my work who had a PB&J sandwich every single day for the 15+ years she worked at my office. When she retired we had a party in her honor and we all had a PB&J sandwich. I don't know how she could eat one of those every single day ... yuck!

nataliep. said...

gotta love sweatpants and apples w/peanut butter. nothing beats the comforts of home. happy friday to you, my dear, and enjoy your weekend with you man!

Holly said...

can you post the eggplant salad recipe? i live in nj where eggplant are abundant but never know what to do other than eggplant parm or grilled eggplant!

Tesa said...

Summer...I made your strawberry rhubarb raspberry jam recipe...it was gone in about a week at our house! :) Next, I tried a batch using some of our frozen apricots from last fall (in place of the rhubarb). Scrumptious! Grateful for another great recipe for the collection! Thanks!!

Casey said...

i don't think i am ready to branch out into sewing clothing, but that skirt is super cute!! and i hope to get a little garden planted soon... :)



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