July 5, 2010
one of the fun things about camp is being on a meal schedule. in the back of my mind, it's comforting to know that food will be served, and it will be at a set time, and everyone will gather in. i just love food! and consistency! here at camp shetek, the schedule goes like this: 8:30 breakfast-- which is always something hot, plus a fresh supply of homemade granola. 12:15 dinner (lunch)--when the big meal of the day is served. and supper is at 5:30, a bit lighter and more casual than the noon meal. like tacos instead of roast beef, or rice krispie treats instead of pumpkin bars.
and when you eat supper at 5:30 (although i still eat 'dinner' at night because i'm from the city), it's understandable that you are starving by 10:30 pm. so i wanted to be prepared this summer. here's what i brought for snacks.
1. whole grain kashi crackers. i'm not much of a cracker girl, unless there's peanut butter or cheese involved (i brought both.) but these i actually love to eat straight out of the box, too.
2. apples and real peanut butter. all-natural.. just peanuts and salt. my fave.
3. homemade bread. i store it in the freezer for when i need a sandwich. and boy, do i need a sandwich now and then.
4. ghirardelli 60% cacao dark chocolate squares. for desperate times.
5. archer farms real fruit strips. in strawberry and wild berry. debra, my fellow kitchen girl, introduced us to these. they're naturally flavored and organic and amazing. yum.
6. cascadian farm organic granola. for a little sweet treat. i love cereal at night.
(i've also been snacking on bananas and grapes from the camp kitchen.. judy keeps the staff supplied with plenty of goods around here.)
what's your favorite snack these days?


Christina said...

a bowl of cold cereal or a tiny bit of ice cream are my summer evening snacks of choice. : )

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Chips and salsa are my go to snack! But, I never turn down the chance to have ice cream in the summer.

nataliep. said...

cool list of snacks, i was actually going to ask you about granola. i wondered what kind you usually ate. i'll have to try this brand! thanks summer girl!

Kaitlyn Luce said...

I just bought some of those chocolate squares for my snack at camp, too. There are lots of desperate times at camp.

christine said...

mmm, CARROTS and peanut butter!!

donya said...

recently i've been enjoying oatmeal. spiced raisin oatmeal to be more specific. don't know why, but i saw it at the store and now i'm hooked! and coincidentally, i've been wanting to try some granola! thanks for sharing your snacks!



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