July 27, 2010
today on smithfield i'm talking about one of my favorite summery meals.. chicken bacon ranch wraps. yummy! they're ultra simple, but the flavors are spot on. up until a few years ago, i thought BLT's couldn't be beat, but now i know better.
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Sharon said...

Love your blog-I am so excited to try the zucchini red onion flat bread tonight and look forward to trying out this recipe, too.
I was blessed to be able to spend the summer before I got married working in the Camp Shetek kitchen...I know it saved my poor husband from some really undesirable meals!!! (thanks to Judy!)
My son, Jackson, was one of your campers last week!

Charlotte said...

Hi Summer

These look yummy and something I will definitely be trying for my work lunches once Summer arrives (I'm in New Zealand so it's winter here at the moment!)

Thanks for posting - beautiful picture too :)

summer said...

@ sharon.. wow! so nice to meet you! and what a small world. this is so cool. and i couldn't agree with you more-- the camp shetek kitchen does wonders for life in your very own kitchen! (judy is the best!) thank you for reading and say hi to jackson for me!

@ charlotte.. oh my. new zealand?! that sounds so dreamy. thank you for your kind words!

jelena said...

leave out the bacon and you got yourself a diet lunch or dinner. I've lived on these for months while trying to lose weight...did lose the pounds and enjoyed myself



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