July 26, 2010
things i'm liking. the non-music version. (that's soon to come.)
1. inception. i love movies where you have to think! and this one was incredible. so complex and clever. grant and i are still talking about it, which makes me feel like we really got our money's worth. you really must see it. it's like nothing that's been done before.
2. $3.00 shirts at the thrift store. not even t-shirts. real shirts!
3. a couple trips to minneapolis on the calendar! how i love trips to the big city. i really want to hit here, here, and here, while we're there. (any more stops i should make?)
4. my cheeseburger on rye toast, instead of a bun. yumm.
5. buying new shoes for school. on major clearance, too. love that.
6. that my hair is getting too long. yes, it needs to be cut, but i sure am glad it grows.
7. the long winter. reading it in the summertime gets me all pumped for snow again.
8. that i'm finally getting a solid flip-flop tanline.
9. proverbs 31.25.
10. black pepper on pizza.


swell.life said...

yes. come visit me! i am dead serious. is that too forward?

i would LOVE to meet you in real life. could we squeeze in lunch?

Kelli said...

My husband saw that just the other day and LOVED it. I think he wants to go again so that I can go with him. Love the flip flop tans lines...they are the best. Proverbs 31:anything...simply the best!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

That's it, I'm going to have to see that movie. Everyone is raving about it.

I love your lists. They always make me smile and inspire me.

Renee said...

have to agree with Kelli...proverbs 31 anything...got to love...a flip-flop tan line? definitely says "summer" (pun intended!)..now black pepper on pizza?? you are sounding more and more like your dad! love it!

Elsa said...

Oh, the Cities: I miss them. If I were going, I would visit Cafe Latte or Cossetta for lunch and drive down Grand Ave. to look at the houses, then visit the Swedish-American Institute (so very Minnesotan). And I would visit the best used bookstore anywhere, James & Mary Laurie Booksellers, and take a walk down Nicollet Mall. I also lovelovelove the Art Institute (it's FREE!), and would check out what's going on at Orchestra Hall and the Children's Theater Company.

Oh, and tours of the state capitol are pretty fun, if you've never done that. (I'm sure Grant has--it's the standard sixth-grade field trip.) There's an adorable cafeteria/cafe in the basement, the Rathskellar, but it's only open during the legislative session.

amy rose said...

a few of my favorite minneapolis spots:
:: walking along lake harriet
:: ice cream at sebastian joe's
:: dining @ lucia's, cafe twenty-eight, sea salt
:: shows - wicked is at the orpheum in aug & sept
:: browsing @ patina, bibelot, & wild rumpus - the BEST kid's book store ever. seriously.
:: target field!!

this fellow minnesotan hopes you have lots of fun!

Christina said...

Don't forget to go to Joann's to stock up on sewing supplies on your big city trip! : )

I'm loving my sandal tan lines too.

summer said...

@ elsa & amy rose.. oh my goodness! you guys are the best. thank you for all the fabulous ideas.. just the kind of things i love to hear! please feel free to send me any more suggestions that pop in your head-- i'd like to start a list of 'to-do's' for the twin cities.

@ jessica.. serious?! you are SO SWEET! that would be a dream!

ErikaKay said...

I would definately recomend the sculpture garden, Local D'lish- all local grocery store in the heart of the Warehouse district, the store "I Like You" - features local designers... to name a few! It looks like you have a good list going! Have fun!



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