July 27, 2010
tonight, grant finished up his last class for the summer session (hooray!) and he picked up some white peaches to celebrate. we ate them outside over the brygger balcony railing, letting the juices drip as we watched the storm roll in over the chapel. it was maybe the best mini date ever.
fyi.. this has been the summer of storms at camp shetek. we have a wicked thunderstorm about once a week; complete with scary winds, drilling rain, and lightning of all shapes and kinds. it's incredible. (except when you have to drive in them. they are worse than any blizzard we've ever seen.) i hope you are enjoying some wicked storms your way too.


andrea said...

peaches and storms are two of my favourite summer things :)

Eeny said...

Yumm, white peaches are the best.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

We have had some CRAZY storms here in Kansas this summer. And like you said they seem to happen at least once a week. I wish I had someone to eat peaches with me and watch them roll in. You two are so cute!

Christina said...

And that sounds just about perfect...

Tracy said...

Peaches on the porch, especially the ripe and drippy kind, sound perfect :)

Molly said...

We have been having some crazy summer storms here. I love your picture of it rolling it. I think that is my favorite part.

I'll have to see if I can find some white peaches. They look yummy

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Mmm..yeah. I was up in New London, MN for the summer at a camp and we always had storms on Saturdays. It was definitely something else.



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