July 29, 2010
some nice person asked me on my formspring if i would post a new playlist.
1. telephone / pomplamoose
2. another day / pomplamoose
3. my love / the bird and the bee
4. best for last / adele
5. everybody / ingrid michaelson
6. dance anthem of the 80s / regina spektor
7. almost like being in love / nat king cole
8. goodness gracious / b. reith
9. sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows / lesley gore
10. carryin' the banner / newsies soundtrack
11. folding chair / regina spektor
12. for the first time again / jason gray
13. if you think you need some lovin' / pomplamoose
14. orange colored sky / nat king cole
15. as long as i live / ella fitzgerald
16. in your city / phil wickham
17. you got trouble / the music man soundtrack
18. kristofferson's theme / fantastic mr. fox soundtrack
19. you make my dreams / hall & oates
20. right as rain / adele
i'm really into happy songs lately. this is a mix of my new faves + what we're listening to in the camp kitchen + musicals & movie soundtracks. always good stuff. enjoy! and thanks for the sweet compliment!


andrea said...

Some really good songs there! I approve :)

kristin said...

oh yay! i love new songs to check out. and good choice with dance anthem of the 80's... LOVE that one.

Diana Hulme said...

this is perfect...i'm home sick and i loved checking out the songs on your list. :)

marta said...

lovely playlist, even if most are mysteries to me. i am wondering why i am so out-of-it when it comes to all the hip new tunes. i am however applauding your Newsies track. i so have that whole show memorized.

amy said...

oh i really like pomplamoose



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