July 12, 2010
hello, hello! i'm still here-- alive and well! it feels like it's been awhile. i hope you all have been staring at that flatbread long enough to finally give in and make it. (you won't be sorry.) i can't believe i'm saying this, but we've made it to mid-way. we're halfway done with camp already! wow. here's what i've been up to lately..
1. eating homemade pizza (monday lunch is always pizza. favorite meal of the week.)
2. watching a jaw-dropping lightning storm
3. making cookies by the hundreds
4. gopher hunting with grant
5. laundering (last load is in the dryer right now!)
6. campfire with the staff.. singing 'if i had a hammer' and justin bieber
7. discovering new favorite things (fresh basil, new pizza crust and pancake recipes)
8. watching the fantastic mr. fox (and then buying the songs)
9. eating watermelon and a chocolate milkshake
10. night volleyball game with the field lights
11. laying out on the boardwalk, ipod in tow
12. going into town
13. baking jumbo graham cracker crusts
14. late night talks with grant
15. brainstorming for a brand new venture.. (more soon)
in other news, there's so much going on in my heart right now.
in a lot of ways, i'm starting fresh this week. last week i took a step back, and i needed that. the clouds have been swept away. i'm seeing the everyday things rightly again, got my priorities straightened, a new bible verse to give me wisdom, and have a mindful of new assignments. all of which will be completely His work in me. (i'm finding the great truth in the proverb: 'he who trusts in himself is a fool.')
i'm so happy to be here, where the Lord has placed me this summer. but at the same time, i can see how quickly my energy fails and how desperately i need His strength. the days are packed, and i am sucked into selfish thoughts and an attitude of 'bearing it'. i'm praying that God will prepare me for the last half of camp, both mentally and physically. may it be a time when He is glorified in me. His power is made perfect in weakness!
well. off to bed. i promise you a lovely new recipe this week. i'm super excited about it.


donya said...

Beautiful photo, Summer! This season is passing by too quickly. I'm not ready for Fall...

marta said...

i love that you took a step back to feel renewed. you are a constant source of inspiration, so take all the steps you might need, my dear. i love how God is with you in every post. thank you for sharing so much with us. happy half way! enjoy the rest of the time.

p.s. my last load is drying too. xo.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I can't believe summer is already half over. I agree with Marta 100%. You are an inspiration for me so like she said you take all the steps you need.

I brought leftover flat bread to work for breakfast today! I can't wait for your next recipe!

Tawnya said...

Thanks for giving us a peer into your honest, raw heart right now, and not leaving us there, but pointing your readers to the Lord! His work in you and me....so beautiful, so true, so needed.

Christina said...

Mmmm...I could use a chocolate milkshake about now... : )

I've been enjoying your summer posts. It's almost like they're better because you have more time to put into them. May God give you the grace to accomplish what He has given you to do.

Christina said...

p.s. (Grrr...why can't I ever seem to say it all in one comment!) I'm interested to hear about your new venture. : )



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