July 25, 2010
we work. (we're serving a full house of 200 people this week!)
we play. (with the brand new camp golf cart! it's so cute. we're going to name it.)
and our garden grows.
have i told you guys that there is a garden at camp this year? you know how i feel about gardens. imagine my excitement! it's just a small patch with a neat fence to keep the bunnies out, but i think it's dandy. we've got parsley, oregano, basil, cilantro, chives, the beans are just starting, and onions, peppers, and tomatoes will come later! it's so much fun to learn what these things look like in the ground. we love going around the corner from our kitchen to snip fresh toppings for our pizza every monday, but most of all, we love to smell the herbs. whichever kitchen girl goes to fetch the herbs, she knows that when she comes back she must bring the handful of fragrant greens to each of us, so that we can all breathe in the herbal perfume. it's become tradition. when the herbs come in- we all get a whiff. ohh. it's the best smell i've ever smelled in my life.
{i've learned something from this baby garden of ours. did you know that fresh basil is like a thousand times better than dried? try it. i'm buying some for our house as soon as camp is done.}
so, are you guys going to the farmers' market these days? if you are, and i just know you are, i'm jealous! i can't get to the thursday morning market during camp season, but once we're back in town, you know i'll be there with bells on. grant and i have big plans for homemade salsa this year, and i am dreaming of the first ears of sweet corn. august, come soon please!
in the soontime..
1. a summery meal idea on smithfield.
2. by special request, some current favorite tunes.
3. a movie review + other things i like right now.
4. another music video from grant.
5. more camp news, of course!


Katie said...

when the summer herbs are growing like crazy, I love to make a simple pasta dish with linguine, olive oil/butter, salt+ pepper, and all of the herbs I can get my hands on. yum. And there is nothing like making your own fresh pesto from that fresh summer basil!

PS: thanks for the granola bar recipe a while back. we love them at our house -- I'll be re-posting it soon if you don't mind.

Christina said...

Ah, yes, I'm practically in love with fresh basil. :D

Oh, and I'm not just going to the farmer's market, I'm selling there! But our farmer's market is still in it's craft fair stage since our vegetables ripen so late here in the wintry wastes of Montana. : )

Renee said...

maybe i could handle just a garden of herbs! it sounds wonderful! can't wait for all the upcoming posts.... especially a new recipe and a new video??!! keep them coming!

nataliep. said...

congrats on the garden! fresh herbs are so much better than dried. if i had room to grow them i would. they're so expensive in the store! enjoy the smells of the season. also, thanks for the reminder to get to the farmer's market, it is that time of year and i haven't even been once!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

That garden is the perfect size. You lucky ducky! I hit up the farmer's market every weekend. I like getting up really early on Saturday morning to go while it's not blazing hot and there aren't hundreds of people. I have to get my weekly stock of onions and zuccini so that I can make flat bread!

I have huge pots of rosemary growing on my deck right now. It's fantastic for cooking, but I love it even more because when I'm out there reading with my puppers the whole deck smells like heaven. There really isn't anything better than fresh herbs.



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