July 22, 2010
yesterday i announced that i am 'going abroad,' and honestly i felt the support come crashing in. it was all around me, the whole day. you gave me the best send-off. (even though i'm not really leaving, and you've all sweetly said that you will follow.) thank you for chiming in with cheers. i know guest posting is probably run-of-the-mill to most bloggers these days, but for me it still feels phenomenal. like such a privilege. thank you for being excited with me! i love blogging so much, and i never dreamed that i'd get to do it and receive pay. what a blessing. it's amazing how God opens doors like this. He is so good.
james 1.17-- every good and perfect gift is from above..
ps. oh my. it totally does look like a baby announcement post. wow.


kristin said...

i totally didn't get the baby announcement. i missed it! but then the way my window framed the previous post i laughed. kind of bun in the oven look.

i'm excited to follow you here and *abroad*! (great choice of words)

keep having fun at camp

Christina said...

Hehe...I did kind of wonder (before I read the pose, of course) if you were making a Baby Announcement. : ) I'm eager to see the articles you write for this new endeavor.

Christina said...

*post, I mean, not pose

nataliep. said...

wow, i'm totally oblivious! i never even suspected a baby anouncement! i just thought it was a cute picture of a small town cook holding one of her prized baked goods! but, that would be a cool way to break the news to everyone. i'll have to remember that for next time!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

You deserve great things! Again congrats to you. I can't wait to see what you do over there. I know it's going to be amazing just like everything you do here.

Renee said...

love the idea of using this picture for a baby annoucement!! glad it's forever in the archives...you can just dig it out...at the right time!!
has anyone said, that loaf of bread does look amazing?!! great job!!



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