August 30, 2010
it's true, my collection of children's books keeps growing. but how cool is this vintage cinderella storybook? it's so big! and the illustrations are beautiful. if you had seen it laying amongst the meaningless rabble of paperbacks.. if you had held it in your hands and felt the frailty of the pages, you'd have to have it too.
well, today grant went back to school (teachers only). summer vacation has ended, and i'm ready to embrace that fact.
while we're on the subject of school, i'm re-thinking how i want to do grant's sack lunches this year. i'd like to give him more variety, less lunch meat, and cut out insubstantial stuff. like, no more processed crackers and granola bars. (granola bars solved here.) i like the idea of roasting a whole chicken and setting the meat aside for sandwiches, using leftovers, and i'm gung-ho about all homemade bread this year. and i loved this post on the subject. any ideas you have are more than welcome.. i'll be right here, getting creative.
ps. this reminds me. i really want to talk more about food. the way i think about it, what i've learned lately, how i've changed, etc. it's really been on my mind. so expect a big time post, sometime soon.


nella designs said...

That was the Cinderella book I had growing up! I so loved the illustrations...even now.

Anonymous said...

this is an inspiring blog for packing lunches:
also, what a great thrifted find!

tammy said...

hi, summer! i love reading your blog. i, too, am an educator...i just became an assistant principal! i share your love for children's literature...what a terrific thrift find! currently, i am at home on medical leave and have time to read blogs. today i found this blog on lunches...perhaps you will gain some ideas here:

happy reading!

Kelli said...

What a beautiful book! I love that you pack Grant's lunch...that is something I want to do more. I'm in the midst of trying to find the balance of working and being a homemaker. I can't wait to read your food post.

Bethany said...

Erle usually ends up with the previous night's leftovers. I try to make dinner for about 4 people. That's enough to feed Erle and I for dinner, and unless Erle eats more than two portions, there's enough for him for lunch the next day. I usually add carrots, celery, some fruit, and a cookie or bar if I have any.

kristin said...

that book is so tasty! i love how the mice look similar in the film, but cinderella loses much of her luster that i'm seeing on the pages on this book. lovely!

my mother-in-law just roasted a chicken last week. after eating it fresh from the oven with an amazing spread, she used it for sandwiches, salad, and then some soup. (so you can have a BUNCH of creative fun!)

Nicole said...

I love the look and feel of old books! YAY, what a great find!

Emily Guerard said...

i am not sure if you have looked into milling your own wheat, but if you are going to commit to making your own bread, it is well worth the investment.

Amanda said...

What a classic book! I'm always on the hunt for books to add to the future library in my children's playroom.

You go! I admire you being committed to only making homemade bread.

Nessa said...

I always love making a bigger dinner and then sending the leftovers for lunch.

I like to freeze some lunch portions and then send them in my husbands lunch a week or so later. He feels like they are a lot less "leftovers" when he hasn't had them for dinner in a while.

I LOVE vintage children's books. I have had some interesting reads with them... but still loe them.

Melanie Anne said...

I made the granola bars today and they are GREAT!! I love having healthy good treats for my boys and husband! Thanks so much! I really enjoy your sweet blog! Your love and passion for homemaking is inspiring!

KJ said...

oh how we love old disney books and golden books for pennies here. my husband is also an educator and I often roast a whole chicken (or get one from costco) and use the meat over a few days for different things: pita, chicken salad, pasta salad or with brown rice and veggies. I actually love it plain with salt and pepper. his favorite sandwich bread is an oatmeal-wheat recipe I make.



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