August 14, 2010
i have been playing in the lake, doing laundry, killing ticks, running errands in town, eating chipotle, going on a mini road trip, getting autographs from professional football players, combing target clearance racks, making french toast, gopher hunting, soaking my swimming suit, watching batman and alice in wonderland, celebrating grant's birthday, browsing in thrift stores..
i think you get the point.
i've been busy with summertime. forgive me for being gone so long.
just a few more days of vacationing, and then things will get back to normal!
today i'm in minneapolis to meet up with family and see a Twins game at Target Field.
be back monday with pictures!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time off. Everybody's gotta recharge and you are most deserving of a break.

Can't wait to hear your recaps next week!

Amanda said...

Oh you are so so close to me today...I'm in Wisconsin about an 1 1/2 down the road :) enjoy Target Field with the family!

becky k said...

where did the summer go?? I really thought I'd get a postcard in the mail to you from Scotland but now camp's already over! and my summer to-do list is still toooo long! enjoy those last days of summer.

Nicole said...

Have a WONDERFUL time off!

Bonnie said...

sounds like you are having a nice fun end of summer. those are all things i love to do too!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Enjoy your time!



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