September 13, 2010
you rock.
really. thank you for the comment love and all the sweetness you sent my way today. thank you for cheering the two of us on. thank you for being into postcards. thank you for saying nice things about my pictures. thank you for being excited with me on my first venture into the world of for sale.
just thank you.
so, was your weekend great? i loved so many things about this weekend.
1. went for a couple walks, because it is so ridiculously nice outside.
2. we have orchard apples! red baron, monarch, and honey crisp so far. yay.
3. made pesto. then pizza. then pesto pizza.
4. our first free netflix arrived. so now we have finally, finally seen 'twilight.'
5. and we are surprisingly crazy about it. like, we stayed up suuuper late to watch the second one. and woke up thinking about it. and we are still talking about it. (okay, i love it. i'll just say it.)
6. i am really happy every time a movie is good enough that grant stays awake till the end.
7. did some thrifting. found a bunch of stuff. you'll be seeing some in photos soon.
8. talked to my little sister. she's coming to visit soon.
9. planned a trip. on friday we are heading to the big city to spend the weekend shopping, eating, and going to a vikings game!
10. i am pumped. go vikes.


Hannah said...

Ha! I love that you love Twilight. And the fact that you admitted it makes me like you even more. ;)

Love you lists. They are my favorite.

donya said...

Yay Vikings!
Love the postcards, Summer! Such great photography!

Robin said...

Just discovered your blog and it is lovely. Congrats on your new penpal project!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I love the Twilight movies. They are realy fun. I too got orchard apples this weekend. The first thing I did when I got home was to see if you had ever posted an apple crisp recipe. I'm in search of the perfect apple crisp recipe. Any suggestions?

nataliep. said...

yay! road trip. have fun!

Christina said...

Ah, sounds like a lovely, lovely weekend. Mine was just as full but quite different and included (to name just a few of our activities) farmers' market vending, star gazing, zoo going, mall shopping, two oh-so-sweet model children, and a wonderful husband. : )

Anonymous said...

Check out Lucia's in Uptown (right next to Paper Source) for a GREAT place to eat. Menu changes weekly with food that is in season.

Nichole from MN. :)



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