October 4, 2010

this question just came to my formspring:
  "I sure do love your food posts, but do miss the everyday stuff posts that rounded out your blog so beautifully. Do you think you'll go back to writing more about your day to day? :)" 

thanks, anonymous! i'm really super honored that anyone would want to hear about my little everyday adventures. and you know how i love homelife. and how i want to do a better job of recording the daily. so this is perfect! just what i needed to hear. now i can't make any promises that the food posts will slow down, because let's face it, i love food. but i will try to up the posts that include details of my homelife!

so, to catch you up on stuff, here are some of my adventures lately.

adventures in thrifting. last week was the annual rummage sale in our town, one of my favorite weeks out of the whole year! i came away with a tart pan, a cute wooden paddle, the salt and pepper shakers with the big holes that i've been hunting for, a milkglass vase, some vintage kitchen utensils, a few classic children's books (of course), and best of all.. a whole box of glass jars and juice glasses (one of my well-known weaknesses) for FREE. i think i spent a total of $5 on everything. it was bliss.

adventures with hair. i'm parting my hair.... on the other side. talk about an adventure. anyone else stick to the same side for over twenty years and then try to swap for the other side? wow. it's a lot of weight in a weird place. haley just gave me a highlight to help the poor side that has never seen the sun. so. those of you who can swap back and forth between sides whenever you want... hopefully i'll be joining you someday.

adventures in exercise. am working my way back into running. every summer at camp, i slow way way down and then it takes me forever to get back to where i was! but at least i have a goal to work toward. i've been using "my running road" (a not-too-busy back road, with farm fields on either side) almost every day! not necessarily running the whole time.. but going longer or going faster and making progress. i really like my running road. it lets me watch the stalks of corn fade in the fields and the black birds flying in their eerie, waving flocks.

adventures in entryway design. we got a new front door! (thank you, derrick!) hooray. one that is not the same color as our siding. and we ripped up the little square of boring linoleum in our entryway, revealing the original hardwood floor! oh, silly people who covered it up.. why do such a thing? we are brainstorming ideas of how to make this tiny space really cool. maybe some chalkboard paint will be involved. and a cool grayish color.

adventures in knitting. not much to report here. still working on the same scarf-like project, here and there, whenever i have a moment to sit down and be cozy!

adventures with preschoolers. the other day ross, one of our funniest little students, finally made the "s" in his name in one single, beautiful stroke. we've been working on this since last year. i was so proud i almost cried. i think he was freaked out by how excited i was.

adventures with aperture. i'm going to learn some new photo software! woohoo. the plan is to use it instead of photoshop to edit the photos i took this weekend.. hopefully my little sis will be really excited about her senior pictures! (the photoshoot went great, by the way. she is such a trooper, even when it got super cold and our feet got really wet.)

adventures with grant. we've been married 877 days (yes, the countdown on our computer is still counting up) and married life is still as awesome as it was that first week. and i will never get over the insane niceness of having someone to sleep by. it's the most comforting thing ever. and everyday, it's our favorite part of the day. it's even better if you lay awake thinking up "regular human names that make horrible pet names" together. it's one of our favorite games to play (i.e. a cat named greg or danielle). we laugh way more than is necessary.

now that we're caught up, more everyday stuff to come soon! (in smaller portions.)


Kaitlyn Luce said...

Aww..yeah! I was just thinking about that the other day. I love your blog, but I was missing the little every day things so much. I love reading your blog because it's inspiring to me and my faith. Getting a little glimpse into your life a couple times a week is encouraging. Thanks Summer!

Cherish Stockdale said...

our antique/rummage sale is next weekend and I can barely contain my excitement!! Hopefully I can stumble across some deals as awesome as yours! Have an awesome day!

Jules said...

Yay for Ross! How sweet. :)

If you are interested in real food, I highly recommend you visit GNOWFLGINS. Wardeh is impossibly kind, knowledgeable, and committed to teaching people the hows/whys of how to eat as God intended. She also offers a course for those who need more instructions. Even better? Her courses are "pay what you wish." She feels everyone is entitled to good health and didn't want price to be a limitation. She's a great person.

ashley maureen said...

thanks summer! i must admit, i've been thinking the same thing. i love hearing about your daily doings & 'homelife' (one of my favorite topics too!) happy monday.

Christina said...

AH! One of my favorite parts of your blog too, and I feel an unreasonably long response coming on. (I can't help it; somehow when you write about this stuff, it makes me feel like we're actually sitting down with some goodies and CHATTING and I want to chime in with my two cents.) I hope you don't mind...

thrifting-kinda jealous of your vase and jar finds. I <3 jars and vases. And the boys have Danny the Dinosaur in their collection already. :) This morning I went to the local bargain basement (it's only open on Mondays) and scored (among other things) some awesome wool suit coats which I am going to shamelessly cut up and repurpose and some fabulously funky high-heeled orange boots which I intend to rock!

hair-I switched my part to the side fairly recently after parting it in the middle for years. Oh, the pain.

entryway-yay! Can't wait to see what you oh-so-cleverly will come up with! I'm sure it'll be the perfect mix of Martha Stewart, Pottery Barn, and Summer Harms.


photos-I REALLY hope you share some of your sister's senior photos with us in the bloggy world. I'm dying to see what you came up with.

the "horrible human names for pets" thing made me laugh out loud. Benjamin and I used to have a fantasy (female) goat named Chauncy and a pretend Rhinoceros named Henrietta that used to live on a giant platform sticking out of our apartment building.

Anyway, yeah, told you it would be long...hope you don't mind. : )

Renee said...

loved every sentence! keep blogging!

Dee said...

When I saw the human/pet name thing it made me laugh and I had to comment! Recently, I took my dog to the dog park and there was a lady yelling for her dog named Barbara. It sounded hilarious! "Barbara, come, Barbara!" Same day, there was a dog named Eileen. I was thisclose to asking these two owners if there was a story behind these names. Maybe they were namesakes? Too funny!

katrina lauren said...

fun post summer.....i think you'll like this....
the other day a very sweet couple i know got a new baby kitty and they named her tracy....yep.....tracy! every time i hear it i laugh....
oh and milk glass is my latest crush....wouldn't your vase look fabulous filled with hydrangeas?

Tawnya said...

I laughed out loud at the part about Ross "being freaked out at how excited I was" - that's hilarious and seems like a scene out of a movie:)

Amanda said...

I am so glad to read a post about your everyday life! I've also been missing it!

I'm hoping you'll share some pictures of your new hair-do. I've been thinking of changing my part...

Rachel Bear said...

Have to tell you--just found Danny and the Dinosaur myself not to long ago at a Goodwill--my kids now love it as much as I do! :-)

Kirra Sue said...

Hi there- I found your blog through my friend Whitney, and I have just loved it! Your pictures are so gorgeous and I love hearing (and seeing) about the food you make! Gorgeous! Thanks again, you have a new reader in me! :)

Mary Ann said...

Oh Summer, whatever you do...bits + pieces, recipes, show and tell...it's all perfectly wonderful!

Keep it up, you are such a dear blogging friend. Oh, and by the way, always and forever snuggle and laugh silly laughs together with your love in bed, for that is true bliss.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Danny the Dinosaur was my very favorite books when I was little. It was the very first book that I was able to read on my own from cover to cover. Thank you for that little memory on a not so great morning.

I love this post. It made me smile!

Kelli said...

You are just the sweetest! I love that you are appreciating caring for your home and your husband...and stopping to appreciate the little things. Thanks for sharing.

Miriam said...

hahaha! i love the thing about regular names for pet names because my husabnd and i joke about it all the time!! And we have a friend who has two cats. One's name is Frankenstein and the other is Kevin. Hilarious. Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

Danny & the Dinosaur is one of my favorites from when I was little! I need to try to find a copy to read to my little ones :).

You have a sweet blog and I really enjoy reading it!

Michelle in Illinois



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