October 1, 2010
so. it's day one. and i have a feeling we're all going to remember how much we love this month.


things in my thoughts today..

1. fall is getting dangerously close to being my favorite season.
2. yellow mums on my porch. now i feel like a homeowner for reals.
3. i'm really thankful for a husband who takes an interest in our home. getting rain water out of the basement, emptying the garbage under the kitchen sink, sweeping out the garage, cutting the grass in perfect rows. my grandma recently reminded me that not everyone cares about keeping their household in neat working order. i'm privileged to have a husband who does. (thanks, grant!)
4. did you see the preview of the new knitting today magazine? make sure to scroll down and check out those fabulous blue socks. so cool.
5. heidi brought up something great in the comments that i forgot to mention the other day. we can't all afford to buy everything organic, but we can focus on switching out certain things that hold the heaviest amount of pesticides, additives, and hormones. the dirty dozen can help you learn how to avoid the most contaminated foods and eat only the cleanest. yay for less pesticides!
6. seems summer has barely ended, but i am already in hibernation mode. meaning, i want my body to soak up as much of this lovely warmth and vitamin d as possible. if i see the sun, i want it on me. i wish i could store sunshine in my bones, and ration it out over the lonnng wintery months. i just know the days where we won't go outside are closer than i realize (especially for us minnesotans), so i'm trying to take advantage of my current freedom. go outside while you still can!
7. yay! we're getting some grass-fed beef from a local farm!
8. i love enya. i'll just admit it. she is my fall music standard. my fifth grade teacher used to play enya while we worked quietly at our desks on social studies worksheets. i thank her for that.
9. my sisters and brother-in-law are coming to visit this weekend! woohoo.
10. my littlest sister (the one who called us her "sissies" and the one whom we called "pepsi-breath") needs some senior pictures taken, and i'm super honored that she asked me to take them. so this weekend we'll be out and about town, snapping photos and switching outfits. i'm excited.
11. haley's bringing her shears and cape, and graciously giving my hair new life. i can't wait.
12. bring on the company. we're so excited to see you guys. and for the new bunkbed to be used.
13. thank you for the new stash of squash recipes yesterday!! i am ready to try again.

happy october, everybody!

".. how blessed it is as years roll round, and the leaves begin again to fall, to enjoy such an unfading promise as this: The Lord will give grace." -Spurgeon. from my reading this morning. it was too perfect not to write down somewhere.


Liv said...

great quote! I'm saving that one.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

We are enjoying one of the best falls ever around here. The sun is so warm and gorgeous and you can feel the cool air slowly creeping in. This time of year makes my heart happy. I find myself smiling a lot.

Have a good time with your sister this weekend!

Tesa said...

Love the quote from Spurgeon. Thanks for sharing!

Anneliese said...

yay for visitors! you have to show us a sneak peak of the photo shoot! my sister is a senior too...how is it possible that they are so old?! and double yay for haleys haircuts. i gave her a run for her money last time since bentley was fussy & i was trying to hold him while she did my hair....oops :)

Renee said...

loved this whole post! thanks for getting us all excited about fall! it really is a season to be cherished...(because it's right before winter!)
hope you have a great weekend...and I KNOW you will snap some great photos...and I will be SOOO excited to see them!

Cherish Stockdale said...

my husband is a 5th grade teacher and he too plays enya for his students while they are working :)

Hannah said...

Yellow mums. Delightful! The in-between seasons are my favorite. Love spring and it's promise for warmer weather and fall for its colors, smells and holiday reminders.

As always, your pictures are perfect.

Have so much fun with your company. Can't wait to see your new do! (I hope you show us!)

Amanda said...

Great post Summer! I love reading your thoughts. Have fun with your sister and brother-in-law (are these the newlyweds?!) this weekend.

Am making that apple crisp this weekend! Can't wait!!

Christina said...

I <3 <3 <3 October. : )

I hope that yours is lovely, that your family's visit is wonderful, and that you get your fill of sunshine!



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