October 15, 2010
1. this super natural recipe search is really cool.

2. you guys buying our postcards is cool. (thanks!!)

3. this news is cool.

4. the way preschoolers dance is cool. how do they know about michael jackson? 

5. watching mister rodgers: how they make crayons with the preschoolers is cool.

6. this quilt is very very cool. 

7. this song is super cool. when i first heard it on tv, i asked grant to rewind it. (does ''rewind'' still work even though nothing is truly ''winding''?)

8. people trying my recipes is really cool. (i get so excited when you tell me!)

9. making a sourdough starter is cool. well, at least i think so. i get to feed it on sunday! (since i didn't get that puppy at the farmers' market, i guess this will have to do for a pet.)

10. grooveshark is wicked cool. it's my new favorite thing. think pandora, with even more possibilities.

11. parents calling to tell you that they'd like to take you to disneyworld this winter is the coolest. (yes! this happened to us this week! my love for disneyworld is serious.)  

the word "cool" is probably not that cool anymore. especially now since i've said it 11x in one post.


Cherish Stockdale said...

I think this post was cool!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I think your cool!

Anneliese said...

when you say one word to many times it loses sound & meaning. and you can't even really pronounce it correctly. or at least that happens to me.

i definitely remember that mr. rodgers episode!

yay! for a disney trip! that sounds so fun!

Maryclayre Dick said...

1. I love that quilt! You should start making them...and then make one for me :) Because you are a great sewer, and I am not!
2. Derrick told us about your good news today! Hooray! D and H really are getting a bonus, since we will probably hit it up when we are in Orlando in February!
3. Darrin loves grooveshark too...maybe its time I try it out.
4. I love any Mr. Rodgers episode when they entered that little picture picture frame...you knew you were in for a treat! haha

Christina said...

Cool! : )

Eva M said...

hey Summer! i'm usually a silent fan of your blog but i'm finally showing a lil blog luv & thanx for this particular post coz without it i prob wouldn't have discovered how wicked coolies grooveshark is! i'm listening to Take 6 Sonshine right now, man i haven't heard this song in aaages, so makes me *smile* as does your blog... and now grooveshark does too :) (i also really wanted to let you know how much i loved & laughed @ the 3 Amigos video a little while back, that's one of my fam's fave movies from back in the day so seeing that clip fully cracked me up LOL.)
Auckland, NZ

Danielle of Graydon Avenue Photography said...

I found you through Marta & I love reading your stuff.

Just something funny that I thought of when I heard the song from the Levi's commercial:

"Dig dig dig" was the song the 7 dwarves sing in the cave when they are mining in Snow White!

It made me smile to relive that memory of childhood!



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