December 12, 2010
as rumored, it came. it whipped. it howled. it white-out'd. it sent us down to 40 below 0. 
and it rocked.(because we had a warm house that we didn't have to leave and working electricity, that is.)
{one of our snow-plastered window sills. like my paper chain?}
{frosted window pane + view from my bedroom window}
{real life snowglobe}

and this is how we spent our weekend: 
sleep in, read library book, watch harry potter, wrap christmas gifts, do homework assignment, eat cheesy scrambled eggs, hunker down on the couch with blankets, more harry potter. repeat

and did you see what happened to our stadium this morning? needless to say, our vikes couldn't play there today. 


jacs23 said...

sounds like the perfect day, Summer! :) We, too, had blizzard like weather...but not as much as you! And the Vikes [yes, we are huge fans - born & raised] glad no one was hurt, and we'll just have to wait until tomorrow to cheer them on! :) ><>

Whitney Lane said...

ok that stadium is CRAZY! i've never seen anything like it!! glad you're enjoying the blizzard! there's 2 inches of snow here (and people act like it's a blizzard)... my final exam tomorrow even got cancelled! stay warm. :) said...

here's my thought: the whole nation will feel sorry for us (like the hurricane katrina folks last year)...what with our stadium falling in and everything...and we'll pull together and have a feel-good victory at the superbowl. wishful thinking!? so glad you guys stayed nice and cozy!
i'd be enjoying this storm 100,000 times more if i weren't working all weekend. :(

Briel79 said...

Wow, that footage of the stadium is crazy! That's going to cost some moolah to fix!

Pretty snow pics. It was 85 degrees here in Los Angeles today.

Amanda said...

Oh wow!! I've never seen anything like it and can't imagine it either seeing as we don't get snow here in Western Australia. This time of year for us is sweltering hot, can't believe you are experiencing the other extreme!! Your weekend inside staying warm and cosy sounded lovely though x

ashley maureen said...

am jealous of your blizzard... sounds like a wonderfully cozy weekend!

marta said...

summ.. i was just coming to check in on you! first thing i saw this morning was espn talking about the vikings dome and my ears perked up! wow. what a storm!!

glad you guys enjoyed it, cozy and warm inside. cheese eggs and a paper chain.. how wonderful.

Amanda said...

The Metrodome video is like a movie. We live in WI and the first thing Chad said to me when we were waking up was to check CNN because of the stadium--absolutely crazy! My mother really wanted to drive all the way to Detroit and get into the game for free (not likely. mom :).

Glad you two stayed cozy and inside the whole weekend.

Coco said...

what a beautiful snow globe you live in :)

Christina said...

*like* sounds like a lovely and cozy weekend!

Christina said...

p.s. Of course, though, I don't like what happened to the stadium...

Eeny said...

Glad you hade a wonderful weekend - even though the weather was nasty.

It was even on the news here in Germany that the stadium roof crashed.



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