December 13, 2010

read, of course. i love love love to read. it's in my blood. 
i could do it all day, everyday. some days as a kid, i think i actually did. 
for me, it's nearly impossible to trump a good book, an old blanket, and a christmas tree. 
{book: in the company of others by jan karon/ blanket: from grandma's house/ tree: fake, but loved.}

and it really is impossible to trump if the book happens to be the latest work of your very favorite author.. yay! jan karon is the best. when the library emailed me to say that my turn had come (i'd been on a waiting list.. even in our teeny town. wow.) i was ecstatic!

other favorite things to do: ride roller coasters, bake, eat, make new playlists in itunes, wear scarves, be in grant's arms, sing christmas carols from the hymn book, exchange youtube videos with friends (you know who you are), shop in thrift stores, browse in other stores, peel and chop carrots, be in the sun, see movies in the theater, lose track of my phone, drink coffee, take walks, listen to grown-ups talk (or anyone who is older and wiser than me), swim in a hotel pool when other people aren't in it, watch documentaries, do crossword puzzles, take new music on a run, watch football, share popcorn with someone, stay home, or travel by plane, preferably to disneyworld

and last but not least, i love to play acquire!! acquire is a board game (my most favorite board game) originally created 1962 and that's probably what makes it so great. games back then were super awesome. it's simple, serious, strategy. we love it. our families usually play games at christmastime, do you guys do this too? this year i get to learn settlers of catan!

what's your favorite thing to do? 
and do you have a favorite family game for holidays together?


{natalie} said...

i love the blanket & book photo and the blurry Christmas tree lights. perfect.

i love chai lattes and book stores and game playing and lately candy cane white chocolate popcorn.

*** said...

we LOVE settlers!! i think you will too :)

nertz is a big game in our family!

Sarah said...

I love Guesstures, Scattergories, and Dicescapades. Those are fun games! I love spending a whole day reading! Perfect.

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Learned how to play Settlers over the summer. Love it! You will too, I'm sure of it.

jacs23 said...

I love your blog!

I love to sit by the lit Christmas tree, smell yankee candles, cook, run, snuggle with my animals, drink iced chai lattes, water, drive around & look at Christmas lights.

Our favorite family game is: Uno...yes, I know, it's simple but oh so fun!!...our record game lasted for 2 hours one time! :)

christine said...

hi! you are super cool. it's fun to see all your pictures and what the weather is like up there! yes. games in the winter/at holidays is the best. we like to play pitch, monopoly, and for some reason stratego is one of our favorites. remember that one farm game we played in your basement once when you and grant were dating? so much fun. peace & blessings.

Christina said...

I think I have too many favorite things to do! I would probably bore you if I listed them all, but reading, drinking loose leaf tea, designing projects and choosing fabric, and being with my guys are some of the ones on the top of my head right now.

We are word nerds. Our favorite games are probably Scrabble and Scattergories. We (well, I) play Settlers of Catan with my husband's family when we get together. It's amazing. I love it! He, however, doesn't like strategy games...

becky k said...

I married a German and one of the very best things about that is adopting the German board game culture. Settlers ROCKS! I hadn't played much since having our little one 2 years ago and now I have it for my iPhone. Addictive all over again!

Nessa said...

My husband and I play scrabble... we did the night we were engaged, first night in our new home(s), the night we found out I was pregnant, the night before i was induced... now when the little one is sleeping (and we have enough energy to stay out of bed).

As a family, we play euchre. It is very competitive and your choose your partner wisely.

Love your favorite things! (acquire is on my wish list)

Anonymous said...

You are going to add Settlers to your favorite list, I promise:) Merry Christmas Summer- We hope it is filled with your favorite things! God bless in 2011! Love, Tammie and Hailey:)

laura.railing said...

I rarely comment on your blog Summer, but I love love love following it! your photography is really good and your take on life fun. It's neat to hear what your favorites are, what God is teaching you, and what you love in life!

My favorite things currently are my camera, white peppermint hot cocoa, time with my husband and son, and for games we love quiddler and canasta! word ones are fun. That one you mentioned looks pretty cool. I might have to do some e-baying (is that even a word??) Stay warm in these cold temps! we were up to 50 today. it feels so weird! But that's nw washington for you!

gina said...

Fave games at Christmas-time? Deal or No Deal, and Family Feud on DVD- My extended family divided into two team- the challenge on! trash-talking {the good kind}on!- and family togetherness- so on!

Missing my family again this year.

Kirsten said...

We play games at Christmas ... so excited. We usually play cards. Or Rummykub - or scrabble ... actually it doesn't really matter, we're a BIG game family.



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