December 7, 2010
just keeping up to speed..

-we have lots of snow! and today all the tree branches are iced over.. my favorite look for them.

-still fighting the under-the-weather, which explains the big snot-covered handkerchief sitting in my lap, but today i can stand up without too much of a headache... maybe i'll even take a shower.

-the house is christmased out. i keep the twinkle lights on all day long. (more photos coming soon)

-i've watched a few christmas movies and looked through a couple christmasy magazines.. but i'm still making myself wait a bit longer before i get to break out my wrapping supplies. i love that part.

-made a red and green paper chain while i was camped on the couch yesterday. memory lane, bigtime.

-last weekend grant and i went on a date.. we did some shopping, ate at a little mexican restaurant with spicy salsa, and went to the first high school basketball game of the season. it was snowing. it was perfect.

-decided i have one more christmas present to buy, and it means checking ebay a lot.

-only two more classes and grant will have a month break from being a student! yay!

-who likes mannheim steamroller christmas albums from the 90s? me, me!!

-we saw "oklahoma!" performed at the local high school on saturday night. i really love high school musicals. and oklahoma is one of my very favorites! i sneezed really loud during a couple quiet parts.. that was embarrassing. and i had no tissues so i used my scarf to wipe my nose. nasty.

-i can't seem to eat enough clementines.

-i have something cool to show you in our backyard.

-i think grant is hiding my christmas gifts in the crawl-space behind his closet... but, don't worry, i'm not going to peek. once my sister haley and i peeked at our presents for each other, and found out it wasn't fun at all.

-don't forget to watch/record it's a wonderful life on nbc this saturday night! it's on my calendar. 

7 comments: said...

i love mannheim steamroller too--i grew up on that stuff. but jeff HATES it! he always makes fun. but somehow he loves the carpenters christmas album. the CARPENTERS! how can i convince him to listen to my way better crazy-synthesized version of the carols?

your snow covered tree is so so lovely!

hannah at honey & jam said...

christmas christmas!! it's my fave. i love those mannheim steamroller albums!

Heather said...

I am so jealous of all that glorious snow you have!

I have my lights on all day when I'm home too and I listen to Manheim Steamroller. You are not alone.

I hope you feel much better soon!

Renee said...

did you know there is a new Mannheim Steamroller Christmas cd this year? it's their 25th anniversary one...and i want it! the best of the best!

Renee said...

oops...guess that "new" cd is really from last year!!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

We have teeny tiny chance of snow on Saturday night! I'm hoping and praying that it actually happens and it would be even better now that I know that It's a Wonderful Life will be on.

Last Christmas eve I was snowed in at my house. It was just me and my puppers. We nested down on the couch to watch the blizzard and It's a Wonderful Life. That was one of my all time favorite Christmas memories! I love that movie. I can't wait to see it.

Amanda said...

Mannheim Steamroller reminds me so much of my childhood! It's my mom's favorite. I can just picture it--her making Christmas Eve treats with the album plugging away on the little boombox she had set up on the table.

I think those snow-covered trees need to be in a frame!



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