February 3, 2011

1. the humidifier wins best purchase of the whole winter. the best
2. just placed holds on 3 books at my library. i love library-ing from home. 
3. by the 3rd snow day, you better have something to show for it. so, my shower is clean:)
4. the other day i turned off my music, shut all the blinds, and put in a workout dvd. 
5. it was my first time. i felt funny, even in front of no one. and i loved it! 
6. now i am sore. from a dvd. 
7. took everything out of my lazy susan to wipe the shelves. because we have company coming.
8. i am crazy.
9. to my wife. clever, clever. i'm a fan. 
10. can i be that girl in the coffee shop? book in my face, mug in my hand, and no concept of time? 
11. forever 21 has maternity. yessss.
12. the movies up for "best picture" this year are real movies. like, ones i actually enjoy!
13. i'm averaging 9 hours of sleep. everybody should be doing this. 
14. grant says we are going to kiss in front of the baby. i love that. and him. 
15. orange scones, baby. i'm bringing them back. 
16. am in the mood to frame cool things and hang them on our walls. 
17. bryant and hannah are coming to our house tomorrow!! 
18. loving my sister in law's handmade soap. in the shower. at the kitchen sink. everywhere.
19. next thrift: soap dishes (i'm thinking vintage saucers) and a little lamp. 
20. i could really go for some good dark chocolate. tell me your fave! (preferably with little sugar)
21. shawshank redemption twice in one weekend. dream come true. 
22. it's really hard to go a whole day without crossing my legs. but i'm going to keep trying. 
23. i know what i'm making grant for valentine's. it's a secret. (but i'll take a picture once i bake it.)
24. i tried the grilled pb & j. good, but mostly it just made me want grilled cheese.
25. so guess what i had for dinner last night.? yep. swiss + monterey jack on homemade bread. mmm. 
ps. i'm sorry guys.. i had to re-do this post and lost all of your lovely comments!! please know that i read them and loved them:)


gina said...

great idea for a soap dish!!

Manda said...

EXCELLENT post...I will be showing "To My Wife" to all my single girlfriends.

Dove Dark Chocolate with Almonds is always my fav...

And..have you ever tried a grilled cheese made WITH peanut butter? It sounds bizarre but it is soooo good, especially with some delicous harvarti cheese!

kristin said...

Ak! & my legs are crossed as I read this!

Hil said...

I just uncrossed my legs. :) Dove Dark Chocolate is the only dark chocolate I can handle... maybe that means there is a lot of sugar in it?

swell.life said...

glad i'mnot the only girl who libraries from home...sometimes i think i'm abusing the system (especially when they might have a certain book there on the shelf already) but it's just way too convenient to pick up my whole list in one quick in and out. especially with a toddler in tote.

loving all the cozy winterness about this post!

and a little guilty--i can't remember the last time my cupboards, lazy susan, or shower had a good wipe down...

nataliep. said...

ghiradelli chocolate is my favorite! so good.

nataliep. said...


Anna said...

Reading this made me want grilled cheese....



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