March 9, 2011

are you other mommys-to-be on this? i am! come and join me! it's seriously soooo nice. granted, we live in tiny town, USA and have very (very) limited shopping. and target is hours away. so...... amazon feels like you just handed me the sun, the moon, and the stars.

but anyway, i'm loving it because:
you don't have to roam the store with a plastic gun, feeling like every decision is the biggest one you've ever made, and get worn out after one aisle. (tell me i'm not the only one that feels this way.)
you can sit on your couch. and browse blogs when you are tired of comparing car seats.
they do that nice 10% completion discount thing. really nice.
they do "universal registry", so i've been adding things to my wish list from any site. anywhere!
they have a super nice thank you list that tracks who has bought things for you.
and amazon gift cards. from $0.01- $5,000. straight cash, homey. money in your baby piggy bank.

just thought you ought to know. it's out there, and it's awesome.
i already have a thank you to write!! how exciting. and while we're on the subject, please tell me,

what did you register for that you're really glad about now? or, what gift were you given that you couldn't live without? 

grant is going to love that i quoted randy moss in this post.
if you can tell me where i quoted him, you win.


Hannah said...

"straight cash, homey"... It would have been harder to tell if there was any chance of me ever imagining you seriously saying "homey". :) is just amazing. I share your strong feelings. :)

Lauriel said...

We are registered at Amazon too, I love it!

marta said...
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marta said...

straight cash, homey.

this registry stuff is amazing. didn't know about that before. thank you! i'll be back with a grand list of must-haves. xo.

Kelly said...

My baby must-haves?

More onesies than you think you need!

California Baby Super Sensitive Everyday Lotion

Lansinoh Cream (for you)

A couple of good swaddling blankets. Muslin is nice, or Old Navy has nice cotton ones.

A Bundle-Me for your carseat.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying "Straight Cash, Homey"

donya gjerdingen said...

Oh man, Randy Moss and his money.. :)

I can't recall any gifts that I absolutely needed looking back, but I will say that there were many things that we were given that we ended up not using. Not because they were bad in any way, but just because our baby boy didn't care for them. Some babies are swing lovers, others love bouncers, etc. and it impossible to know ahead of time. So if possible, I'd say wait on some of the larger items until the baby arrives.

Julia Wade said...

amazon is magical! yay for a registry. here were our can't live withouts ...

Boudreaux's Butt Paste
Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets
J&J Natural Foaming Bath Wash
Baby K'tan


Anonymous said...

We are due in May and registered on too :) Makes it super easy for out of town family. A couple of my favorites are:

- American Baby Company 100% Cotton Thermal Blanket

- Precious Cargo Hooded Towel

- Bumkins 3 Pack Waterproof SuperBib

- Baby Flash Cards: Jungle Collection

- Tovolo Perfect Cube Silicone Ice Cube Tray (for homemade baby food!)

- Zutano Candy Stripe Gown (these are adorable!)

Excited for you!

Stacy said...

a swaddle me wrap blanket! they velcro in place so they can't squirm out - so much better than having to re-wrap a receiving blanket a million times!

Anonymous said...

And if you haven't signed up for Amazon Mom, make sure you do, they send you all kinds of deals :)

Mrs. Biscuit said...

Also, after the baby is born, check out "amazon mom" (just google it). It's an amazon perk that lets you order diapers at 30% off. But the BEST part of the perk is you get free prime shipping for up to a year! I just found out about this and my youngest is two and I am kicking myself that I didn't know about it sooner.

Nessa said...

nicest haves for us were:

baby k-tan - I registered for a moby - got a k-tan and the moby. Both are great but I took the moby back... it was just easier to use the k-tan (my hubby loved how easy the k-tan was to put on)

velcro swaddlers - get a few because babies leak and you want one clean.

boppy (or something like it) - made breast feeding easier and used it for playtime/belly time.

Join amazon mom - free prime shipping!

Christina said...

I <3 <3 <3 amazon. But then, I too live in tiny town USA. : ) Seriously, though, I love being able to shop in comfy clothes on my couch in small doses whenever I feel like it. It's much less exhausting. : )

Something baby-related that I couldn't live without? A good pack-n-play (we use them instead of cribs which is convenient and better in sooooo many ways; let me know if you want to got on my soap box and list them), a baby swing, and a comfortable baby sling/pack that is easily adjustable and fits well.

Christina said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention over-sized receiving blankets (see if a family member will make them for you...)

Grant said...

When I buy something for the baby and they ask how I'd like to pay, you KNOW I'm quoting Randy Moss!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving us a look! I see your going for cloth diapers. I can't wait to see (hear) it in action after baby arrives. I'm into it as well, my husband is, on the other hand a little resistant.

Anchor's Aweigh! said...

im using for registry stuff and i love that its universal!

i can put target, babies r us and anything else all in one place!!

{lovely little things} said...

One of my friends just registered on, she registered for like 3 of those Sophie Giraffes, apparently all her friends' babies love them (one for the crib, one for the car, diaper bag, etc.)

kristi said...

a boppy is a must have!!

marta said...

hi summer.. here are my favorite baby must-haves. (surely i'll think of some more.)

• Oxy Clean (sprinkle this in hot water and let those onesies–or diapers–soak in the sink. i swear by this stuff.)

• light weight swaddling blankets, my boy was definitely one who loved being swaddled. baby burritos are the cutest.

• Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth, MD. don't fret the first few months, but this book really helped me with the whole routine thing.

• Bouncer Seat. we borrowed one and loved it, no swing necessary. we even fed him in it for awhile!

• Fisher Price portable high chair. not fancy, but totally perfect. this thing has gotten so much mileage! you can take it anywhere, it's not a mammoth fixture in your kitchen, you can wash it down in the tub and it turns into a booster seat for toddlers. and the little tray goes in the dishwasher like a dream. seriously.

• Pack N' Play crib. ours lives in our car as we are constantly headed out of town. i keep it packed with the sheet and also keep four yards of black felt (so cheap) in there. i pin up insta-curtains ANYWHERE we go. best solution ever.

• footsie outfits. for awhile they kick off their socks constantly! however we did find some rad Bamboo socks that stayed on like a dream.

• a boppy really is helpful. i was glad i took it to the hospital, especially since i had a NICU baby. it seems like a nuisance, but really nice when you are getting used to holding and feeding.

• frame stroller. (the guy at Baby's R Us talked us out of the monster stroller) i loved this simple lightweight stroller, just unfold and snap the car seat in. genius. we also love the Bob running stroller too.

• lots of good shows from Netflix to keep you entertained in the wee hours of the morning!

• plenty of pre-prepped nutritious yummy food and groceries. you still have to 'eat for two' for awhile.

Annabelle said...

So here are my baby faves:

Chicco infant car seat - love it!! easy in and out, been through 2 kids and still looks new, was rated best for value by Consumer Reports

Wet bag for diapers

Bundle Me

Booster Seat with tray - we use this for T instead of our big high chair, saves lots of space, they use it for several years, and you can take it with you when you go to people's houses who don't have high chairs

Oxy Clean pretreater spray (I should buy stock in it)

Casey said he wishes we had a shower sprayer for bathtime

Diaper caddy - I have a Sara Bear, great for having everything you need for diaper changes in one spot

aimee said...

Other ladies have already mentioned this, but the Boppy pillow is a musthave. It was awesome for breastfeeding, tummy time and just letting baby snuggle.

Also in our case, tons of receiving blankets for all of that fun spit-up. Burp clothes were too small!



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