March 1, 2011
dear baby

they told me once you start month 7 (which we did 2 days ago), your arms and legs will be getting longer and stronger. enough to make an impression on my abs. well we found that out for ourselves at 3:30 this morning, didn't we? remember when your kicks woke me up?! that was fun. lately your mom has been sleeping like a baby long and hard. seems like i've heard somewhere that babies don't sleep through the night :) well, your mommy still does, and i'm guessing that will last a bit longer yet, but i wouldn't mind some more wake-up kicks now and then either.

your favorite times to really get moving are when i lay down to sleep at night (which now requires a small pillow between my knees, and it happens to be the one that your dad made in 8th grade home ec class) and right before i get up in the morning, but i'm noticing more and more of your flutters throughout the day too. we've started a little game where once you've given me one of your big kicks, i will start talking to you and press on the spot where i saw you. i think you like playing along with me. you seem to be even more active when we're in the game.

last night your daddy and i went to the last home game of the basketball season. we're pretty much regulars in the stands now, and i love to think that the next time we sit on those high school bleachers, you'll be with us! i wonder if you'll be a basketball player like your dad? speaking of your daddy, lately he's been teasing me about the infamous double-sneeze i've adopted since you came into the picture. it seems like i can't sneeze singles anymore. weird.

last weekend we had sesame chicken for the first time! did you love it? that was one of the things your mommy craved when you were just starting out, and we finally, finally got it. yay. someday i will take you to ming's, where your mom spent many a $3.95 on sesame chicken in her high school days. the days when i drove a black geo prizm with your aunt haley, when i was using my very first debit card- except not at ming's because they only took cash, when i was wearing my favorite white sunglasses, and listening to john mayer in a cd player in my green bedroom. the days before i knew your dad and before i had a clue i would get to have you inside me.

we are still loving the treadmill, even though we've slowed down for the home stretch. and we're also doing prenatal pilates! very good for us. lots of pelvic floor work. apparently, "if we keep this up, we'll be ready for delivery." that's what the lady on the dvd tells me. all i know is that i feel really good while i'm doing that reverse plank. and my lower back aches are gone! i had some little ones at the very beginning, and i thought they'd get worse as you got bigger, but they've disappeared. my chiropractor says my pelvis looks "awesome." i never knew i'd be so excited to hear those words. i never knew i'd hear those words, period.

today your mom is listening to imogen heap (you'll know her by heart, i'm guessing) and baking some bread. two of her favorite things. i'm also planning on adding a few things to our baby registry for you. i find myself sitting up straighter at the desk when i remember that i have you inside me. you're a foot long by now! it blows me away that you have enough room in there. but i hear you like to be cozy, so i'm thinking the tight quarters are pretty dreamy to you.

it's march today! only april and may can keep us apart now.


your mom


Eeny said...

Beautifully writen, Summer.
Love this post - so full of love and excitement.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are so far along!

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Oh, you are going to be such a wonderful mom! I, too, can't believe you're at 7 months. That's crazy talk! The past 7 have flown by, i bet the next 2 will, too.

Anonymous said...

Love your letters to baby! So sweet and they will be so nice to read again later on after you have had your baby. Before my daughter Anna was born I wanted to meet her so badly and finally get to know her. Now even at 16 months she continues to reveal more and more of her little personality to me everyday. It is truly amazing. Have fun with your last trimester!

Nessa said...

you will love reading these later. lovely

Hannah said...

this post made me smile : ) it's so lovely to hear your excitement and stories that you share with baby harms. thankyou for sharing!

John and Teresa said...

i've started to write to baby and journal my thoughts and feelings. we'll be glad we did. and funny thing, i used to love sesame chicken until last month. i do hope my craving for it comes back again someday.

John and Teresa said...

i know this is irrelevant but i just saw chelsea on the news! and i was still on this page so had to share.

Gillian@BuildingBumps said...

Love it! There is something so special and important about writing all of this down, you'll cry when you read it later! I just found your site and really enjoy it : ) Good luck i the next few months...



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