March 16, 2011
dear baby

how i wonder what you are.

i can't picture what a little bit of your dad plus a little bit of me could possibly look like. will you have our dark brown eyes? will you have my chipmunk cheeks? will you get your dad's extra long torso? what will your hair look like? whatever you have, no one's ever seen it before. and i know i'm going to love it.

last week i made a list of a whole bunch of things we can do together someday. i remember a lot of them from when i was a little girl. (and can i tell you something? even though i'm going to be your mommy, i still feel like a little girl today. i love it.) my mom- your grandma- would tell us, "we're going to the library today" or "put on your swimming suit!" or "we're having fried egg sandwiches for lunch" ... and i thought that it was just the best day ever. i hope it's like that for you. we're going to have an awesome time.

i think you might've had the hiccups yesterday. it was the first time i felt like there was a rhythm to your flutters. it was right before we got out of bed in the morning.. right before your mom's nose started dripping blood. yuck! bloody noses are becoming quite the thing around here. but don't worry, it just means that my blood volume is on the rise, which is what we want for you.

speaking of things going up, your mommy's weight. exciting. sometimes i stand in the shower and can't believe that my stomach is real- and it's you. my middle is so thick that i really don't recognize it anymore. i'm still in my normal jeans, but it's getting to be pretty amazing that i can maneuver into them. and my t-shirts! where did all the length go? but yesterday i figured out that your daddy's white tees now fit me like a dream, so i can just steal from his closet until you get here.

well, i'm glad you spent your first winter safe and warm inside my tummy. i'm glad you don't even know about winter yet. and now spring is almost here! today it's supposed to be 54 degrees outside, which is the warmest it's been since the very beginning of november. yay. pretty soon the hub will be opening, which is our favorite way to celebrate spring. we'll take you there for burgers and fries when you get here. you'll love it.

look out for lots more oranges in the next few weeks.. your daddy just bought us a whole new crate! mmm. i've been eating a few every day, as i'm sure you know. hopefully they taste as good to you as they do to me.

keep the kicks coming, they are my favorite.


your mom


kristin said...

i'm stealing my hubs white shirts, too. though today, he let me know that my black tank underneath wasn't going to cut it and i should wear his dark gray one. i am wearing it- but i feel silly worrying about what i look like when i know i'll cute-ized myself when i leave the house. :)

Whitney Lane said...

this is precious. your little baby is so lucky already!! i love reading these letters, summer. :)



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