March 17, 2011

why not take a picture, right? what makes them so irresistible that we must stop making dinner (yes) to do this? you know what i mean. if we pooled our egg photos, we'd have billions. and it still wouldn't be enough.


but i'm glad i ended up with egg photos on my camera, because it's the perfect way to bring up the revolution that has occurred in my life.. i scramble my eggs differently now. the butter and milk method i learned in girlhood is a thing of the past. there was a time earlier this year when i went off dairy for a bit, just to see how it affected me. so i laid off cereal (i really do love cereal) and picked up oatmeal. but i still wanted my eggs. scrambled eggs are a staple at our house.

that's when i discovered that my eggs don't need milk. my eggs don't need anything. the way to my heart is a good, firm, not wet, scrambled egg. happily, this is how grant prefers his eggs also.

here's my bowl-less, new and improved method:
heat a stainless steel pan over medium low heat and add about a tablespoon of olive oil
when oil is warm, add desired number of eggs to the pan
scramble them to your liking, right in the pan
continue cooking until eggs are dry enough to suit you
finish with s&p (and a sprinkle of cheese, if you're us)

serve with buttered toast. perfect. (for me)
how do you like your eggs? 

who am i kidding? eggs are fool proof. this really isn't enough to be an actual recipe, but i'm filing it in the recipe section anyway. eggs are important to me.


Kaitlyn Luce said...

I tried doing eggs with olive oil once and they didn't turn out. Maybe I'll try this again sometime because I really hate all apsects of butter.

Miranda said...

This is EXACTLY the way I make scrambled eggs. Well, I do add butter too. But before high school I didn't know anybody added milk to their scrambled eggs!

ashley maureen said...

Two questions: do you get your pretty eggs from the grocery store or elsewhere? I have never seen such photogenic eggs (love the speckles!) at our store. Also, do your eggs stick to your all-clad pans? I have not figured out how to not have them stick unless I use butter!

summer said...

i got these eggs from a local farmer:) i know! i'm spoiled. we met at the farmers market in the fall and now he brings them into town for us.

and YES, my eggs stick like mad to my all-clad pans. i really should do them in my cast iron. why haven't i?! the best solution i've found is to invest in a really good scraper, and let it soak!

summer said...

kaitlyn, you should definitely try it again! maybe you just had too much oil??

miranda, hooray for eggs that aren't sloppy!

sheena said...

"eggs are important to me" hahaha I like you.

I struggle with scrambled eggs (can we still be friends?) my kids have them several times a week, but I usually have to pass. I like them fried in a bit of olive oil and over a spinach salad....mmmmmm

Sara said...

It is really all about the fried egg sandwich in my house...pierce the yolk so it spreads out a bit...fry it a little on one side, flip it and top it with a slice of provolone...take it off the burner, cover to melt the cheese...and serve it either open face or between two pieces of buttered toast. Even at dinnertime...yum.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Eggs are one food that I just can't get on board with. I've tried and tried, but I just don't like them. I think I'm going to have to break down and just say, "Hi, my name is Toi, and I don't like eggs and squash." (hangs head in shame)

Christina said...

Well, I don't really eat eggs (though I adore photographing them). There's just something about their flavor and texture that I just can't tolerate. However, when I do eat eggs, I make them just like you do. After all, it's how my mom makes them...

{lovely little things} said...

I usually scramble my eggs with a sprinkling of salt and pepper and toss in a little bit of grated cheese (whatever I have in the fridge, from cheddar to gruyere). Yum!



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