March 21, 2011

and here's what's up.
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sunshine & snow
very little of it (sun) and still lots of it (snow). today is all fog, and the ground looks like a snow cone that you've let sit too long. but patches of brown-green grass are starting to appear around the edges!

debating whether or not to cut mine. i think i fell asleep last night going back and forth. do it now? (meaning the next time i see my sister-stylist) or after the baby is born?

had another trial last night. they were big, fluffy, whole wheat giants. with buttery maple and orange juice.

baby names
every sunday during our drive to church, there is a road that we turn on that seems to switch our brains to baby names. we inevitably start discussing our favorites when we hit this magic spot. yesterday we tried to settle on our top two. tried.

i am embarrassed to tell you how long our sunday naps are getting. it's a little ridiculous. we always say "if we just lay down for like an hour, the rest of the day will feel so much better." it is never just an hour.

sunday night
has become compensation. in an effort to justify the extra-long nap, i get my house clean, dinner cooked, dishes done and put away, laundry started, grant's lunch made, table wiped, clean bed made, etc. and i love nights like this.

is going to be the ultimate dad. is a sickie today. i'm going to make him soup.

the madness
so i'm getting really into this basketball thing. did you know that brackets are so much fun? especially when you have brothers and sisters to compete against... and prize money.

showers, of all sorts
first baby shower coming up in few days! yay. woke up to rain on our roof this weekend. i haven't heard that in ages. (i think it was supposed to be snow.) and i'm going to try vinegar water instead of conditioner in the shower today. my sister in law tells me it is pretty amazing stuff. wish me luck! speaking of the shower, i should get there. i'm substituting for the afternoon preschool class today.


laura.railing said...

I think you should cut your hair! You would be adorable with an a line cut, or something shorter with layers. Easy to care for is good because after the baby comes you probably won't have much time to do a lot with it! So what are some of your top names??

We had some lovely spring weather yesterday. Followed by a dreary-weather day. Blah! Oh well. Next month is the tulip festival and it will be like Holland here!! What do you loook forward to with Spring?

Marisa said...

Cut away! A new cut does wonders any time. Just make sure you'll be able to pull it into a ponytail by the time the baby arrives. Moms of newborns NEED the ponytail option. :)

Anonymous said...

Vinegar water?!? How does one go about doing that? My hair is always needing a boost and I love using vinegar to cook and clean with... so why not? Also, we have been enjoying oats for breakfast every Sunday as a special treat which sounds weird but this is truly the best tasting recipe for oatmeal I've ever had.

I hope you get the chance to try this! It is ever so tasty, filling and good for you!

summer said...

@ laura.. the name-choosing game is very hush-hush in our fam. we love to keep secrets!

i definitely look forward to the tulips blooming, too! i also can't wait for dry sidewalks, feet with no socks, asparagus, sunshine, and our local diner to re-open!

summer said...

@theartfulgardener.. yes, vinegar water! it worked great! i just put about 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar in about 10 ounces of water. (you might want to use hot water.. mine was freezing!)

oh my... those oats look fantastic!

{lovely little things} said...

Vinegar water, huh?

Decided on any baby names yet?

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Spring has sprung here and my heart is so happy! And your happiness springs off my monitor these days. It's so cute! I love coming over here and reading your happy words!

Anonymous said...

I think it's required of new moms everywhere to cut their hair once the baby arrives. It must be written down in some book that they give you at the hospital. You see all these pictures of mom right after birth with long hair. Then you see pictures of them with a 2-month old and they have a bob!

Kind of like so many women who grow their hair long for their wedding, then chop it off in the early days of marriage! I don't know why we grow it so long for our weddings - we usually put it in an up do and for most of us, those extra 2 inches don't make that much of a difference in an up do!

That said, cut your hair whenever you want! I'm sure it will look cute either way.


summer said...

@ jayme... love it. so true!

Renee said...

i say, how about a "trim"??!!

your hair is the perfect length for a ponytail..or "scrunching"!!

glad you are keeping the baby names a secret!! more to look forward to !

see you soon!

marta said...

i love posts like these, summer. they really wrap up a little glimpse of the real you in such a charming package. you seem to make the most of the moments, even making soup for a hubby who is sick! can't wait to see what you decide with the hair. i love a fresh new cut, it does wonders for the soul.. however a ponytail would be nice for the first few weeks of motherhood, of course it'll be darling if it just 'goes' when it's a bit shorter.

whenever i am thinking about a haircut when i'm falling asleep it definitely means i need a change.

p.s. am loving the new flag banner. absolutely positively darling. nice work!

laura.railing said...

Summer, have you tried grilling asparagus with olive oil, salt and pepper? Soo good!! I love it but only if it is cooked tastily! It's awesome with hollandaise sauce too!

Learning to Simply Live said...

Summer! Can't wait to see the new hair cut...that is if you decide to go ahead with it :) Please, could you share what the difference is between using vinegar water and conditioner? I'm definitely interested in this idea!



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