September 14, 2011

dear cilantro,
i love you!
no, really, i do. i can't get enough.
what was wrong with me before?
so glad i grew up.

love, summer

i've realized lately how many things i've grown to / realized i like in the last couple years… 
cilantro, of course
sweet potatoes
onion, especially red
raw spinach
snap peas
brown rice
zucchini, not in bread
and so on. i'm sure there's more.

i'm curious,
what do you love now that you used to love not?


Clara said...

When I was a kid I hated aubergines... and now I can't understand. I could eat them everyday! My mom told me recently I used not to like tomatoes, which is something I can't understand! I also hated mushrooms because of their texture. Not anymore!

Emma said...

Greek Yogurt! :) I couldn't stand it - but now I love it :)

Jan said...

I'm not sure if you are actually posting between the hours of 1:00 & 5:00 but thank you for giving me something to read in the wee hours!

Jasmine said...

Green tea! I realised the reason that I didn't like it was because my friend makes it crazily strong (three tea bags instead of one!)

It's weird when you stop liking something that you used to really love. I went completely off coffee for no apparent reason. People kept suggesting that maybe I was pregnant but it's been two years....

Kelli said...

Hummus is a big one for me. Now I love all different kinds. Cilantro is delicious...glad you rediscovered.

nataliep. said...

vegetables! i used to hate them but now cauliflower, broccoli asparagus etc are the greatest as a side dish!

Whitney Lane said...

Mine are some of the same as yours!
Tomatoes (I especially love cherry or grape tomatoes from the farmer's market now)
Black beans
Bubble tea

Kara Gehret said...

Things I love now that I didn't used to:

-Corned Beef
- Mayonaise. Cant. Get. Enough. Gross, I know.
- SOMETIMES mustard, but mostly in dressings.

Things I'm DYING to love, I'm working on loving, but can't quite muster up the love yet:

- Olives. I want to like olives SO bad. Like the big beautiful ones that look amazing in a white dish or on a cheese plate.
- Blue and Gorgonzola Cheese. I mean, wouldn't they look great with the olives?
- Pickles. They seem so yummy and crunchy.

Kaitlyn Luce said...

Lots. My tastes have changed so much over the past couple of years, but especially within the past 8 months or so.

Asparagus, zuchinni, yellow squash, avocado to name a few right off the top of my head.

I've never been a super picky eater, though. There were just some things I would NOT touch. Most of the time now, if something is prepared with something I don't like in it, I'll just eat it anyway. It's so much easier than picking it out all the time. Like lima beans in soup...or mushrooms on my pizza.

One thing I still can't do is fish. Blech!

kylee said...

There are so many things I once hated but learned to love! Twix candy bars. Hot dogs. Autumn. Baking. Regina Spektor. The nickname KyKy. Messy buns on top of your head. And blueberries.

Amanda Greer said...

cooked vegetables. I used to detest almost all cooked veggies except for corn. I've realized that I actually like most, it just depends on how they're cooked.

Christina said...

mmm...I love cilantro too. I lived in northern Brazil for four years as a child, and cilantro is a main seasoning there; that's when I began to like it.

My biggest recent food change was that I suddenly started liking spicy foods while I was pregnant this last time. Kinda bizarre...

Ang said...

green tea
whole wheat anything

Amanda said...

wow. your list is so much like my list!

black beans
pine nuts
greek yogurt
sweet potatoes

Danielle of Graydon Avenue Photography said...

Cottage cheese!! I hated it for my entire life until I was babysitting a little boy who was eating it with apple sauce. I tried some & was like.. "huh, I can't believe I was missing out on this!"

It's so fun to experience new-found fondness of foods!

Pinjing said...

I used to be the exact same way with cilantro too! But a few years ago, it seemed as if I woke up one morning and thought "I like cilantro now" . . .

Other things I used to hate as a kid but can't get enough of now:

peanut butter
sweet potatoes

Andrew and Hannah said...

blue cheese

I've never loved and still not fond of jelly! (I think in America you call jam, jelly - I don't mean jam, I mean the other one!)



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