October 24, 2011
jumping the gun with a Christmas post today? i don't know, but my brain has already been there, doing that. for some reason october is the catalyst... my heart is totally into fall; the spicyness, the chill, the football, the orangey mums... and then suddenly, a dash of Christmas. nowadays, any time i think of something i want to pick up at the store or buy on amazon, it automatically goes on my mental Christmas list. too early? maybe. but it's keeping me from spending money today. :)

if i were making my list today, here's what i'd say.
a. a cozy pair of flats. happy with your flats? fill me in. maybe i need those ones that look bendy?
b. almond butter. mmm. yes. i love asking for food for Christmas. almond butter is expensive!
c. food processor/blender. my kitchen needs some help. (fingers crossed for a 12-cup processor!)
d. new robe. nothing expensive, because it will be getting spit upon. but white is nice for bleaching.
e.  the music man. i want to put this movie on our iPad and take it wherever i go in life.
f. weck canning jars. pretty. glass. storage. end of story.
g. herbal tea. grocery store gifts are my fave, remember? i'd like rooibos and chamomile, please.
h. non-maternity yoga pants. i thought my maternity ones would still work… uhhh. no.

and today She & Him released a Christmas album! how fun is that. go take a listen! the previews of the Christmas waltz and sleigh ride sound super sweet. like an updated Carpenters Christmas vibe. definitely going to Spottify this one come december.

The Christmas Waltz
Sleigh Ride


donya said...

Funny you put both b and c on your list; I've been making almond butter with my food processor since I stumbled upon Sheena Jibson's almond butter post this summer. Still a little expensive (those darn almonds!) but still cheaper than buying it. Unfortunately it *does* take time and it's quite loud... but man I love it!

Laura Railing said...

A food processor is definitely something I would love to have!!! I just used our blender this year but I think a food processor would pack a little more punch! Plus, it usually comes with a blade that can grate cheese and handle more. I LOVE the Music Man. I have only seen the play version I think, and loved it! I haven't tried almond butter but it sounds So good! How fun to do a Christmas list in October!

Jan said...

I agree with all your wants :) and I do have a pair of the "bendy" flats. I like them but can't wear them all day. They start to cut into my heel. I thought it would only be until they were broken in but that was 4 years ago!

Hannah said...

Summer, I am very much with you on October being the catalyst for thinking about all things Christmassy. I almost bought some Christmas ribbon the other day, but then remembered that it is still only October, and put it back on the shelf. I have neverheard of the Music Man, though seeing your love for it makes me think it's worth seeing!
This year I found the most comfy pair of flats ever (in England) - I think the secret to a good pair is a good sole on the bottom, and padded inside.

Katherine said...

Ohhhh, She and Him. Always a favorite! Have you been watching her new show?

Learning to Simply Live said...

Oh thank goodness for this post. I thought I was the only one dreaming of Christmas! Glad to see that you, along with a bunch of readers, are on the same page!

I have been thinking my kitchen is in need of a food processor, but have been hesitating because of the expense. Have you found any relatively inexpensive ones with good reviews?

Thank you for your perfect timing once again :)

ashley maureen said...

summer... i can't get the christmasy thoughts out of my head either! i adore the fall so i am trying my best not to wish it away, but christmas is just too happy of a time! now, onto your list: i have that food processor & highly recommend it; bendy flats have never worked for me. (i prefer flats with a good sole and slight arch).

looking forward to seeing what else you have in store for the season!


Megan said...

We have this exact Cuisinart food processor and LURVE it! Got a good deal on it last year when Rue La La had a Cuisinart shop.

The Minnesotan with the German-Irish Name said...

Pretty much all I wear is ballet flats, and I prefer really soft ones. I have had hard soled leather flats, but I've found that its harder to avoid blisters in that type. I haven't had a problem with soft shoes cutting into my heels, but I never buy the ones with elastic in the back.

My most worn flats are:
Blue jellies I found at the grocery store for $4
Leather ballets from Lands End (a little stiffer but amazing quality for price if you buy on sale)
Berne Mev Nicole flats-- http://www.shoebuy.com/bernie-mev-nicole/228841# --which I did NOT pay $70 for!

Have you ever been to Rudolph's Shoes in Sioux Falls? They have an incredible clearance section.


kristin said...

i love my 'c'! i'm sure you would enjoy it bunches. (and then maybe show me even more stuff to do with it on here?) i make pizza, smoothies (sometimes, b/c i usually use an immersion blender) and shred cheese, and... slice veggies.

Tiffany said...

okay...so I just found this amazing website that is totally up your alley!


you pay 10 bucks a month and get a box of beauty products tailored to your preference to try each month which arrives in a cute little box. THIS is totally on my Christmas list! Check it out! Tell us what you think! :)

Christina said...

I've been working on Christmassy stuff too even as I savor the autumnal glory. Food and kitchen gifts are the best. : )

Amanda Greer said...

Not too early at all! Also, I love She & Him!

Amanda Greer said...

Not too early at all! Also, I love She & Him!

kristi said...

i love this post, it's so like me! just bought the she and him Christmas album a couple days ago, been listening to it in the car and at work. people think i'm crazy!

John and Teresa said...

john loves she & him. cant wait to hear the album. and i guzzled that brand of red raspberry leaf tea my last month of pregnancy. i'm convinced of it promoting post partum healing.



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