October 5, 2011
in our family, october 5th carries the title of "most beautiful day of the year," as it typically shows up with lovely weather and hits right when our autumn color breaks. it's true! today it is sunny and 85 degrees (way warmer than i could've hoped for. lucky me!) and the tree outside my front window all of a sudden has the prettiest mustard yellow leaves. and all the maples on maple street (right behind our house) are just reaching their prime. yep. october 5th is practically perfect.

it also happens to be the day grant proposed to me. four years ago! that was the perfect date.

isn't it fun to have another holiday in october?

you know what else is fun about october. the food. let's talk about it while i dig through my archives.
mmm.. grandma marian's apple crisp, the thing that changed my mind about cooked apples.

a jar of homemade salsa, one of grant's favorite things in life.

pumpkin bread sweetened with honey, which was one of the few things i could stomach at this time last year (hello first trimester).

roasted root vegetables, which i could eat for dinner every night.

savory apple and caramelized onion tart, apples + onion + cheese = you just have to try it.

homemade cornbread, to go with a bowl of chili when it gets chilly.

mmmmmmm. let's enjoy all this octoberness.


Kelli said...

I am going to try this apple crisp. I made some the other day and the apples didn't cook all the way for some reason. I made the potato soup you have posted this weekend and it's was delicious as usual.

Anonymous said...

my husband proposed to me 4 years ago today too! small world :) enjoy celebrating! love your blog!

Miranda said...

Mmm...I DO love October. It is a blustery day today and I don't even mind! Fall seems to have that effect on me. Thanks for all of the yummy recipe reminders!

Sophie said...

beautiful photos of delicious food! It all feels so "Fall-y" if that is a word :). I love October also. Thanks for the amazing recipes!

A Place to Reside said...

I finally tried the honey pumpkin bread recipe this weekend (I've been meaning to make it since you first posted it!). I love the texture and subtle sweetness of the honey. I added fresh cranberries, which I recommend. The bursts of flavor and color are fun. I'm so glad I can find cranberries in the store now. :-)

Swilliams15 said...

I love this post!Food can make you feel so cozy and warm on a fall day. These photos really capture the essence of autumn. Thanks for the recipes to these amazing foods!



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