February 22, 2012
Lately I've become a student of a few things.

of Steve Jobs. I am reading his biography, the 500+ page one (whoa), which is basically the story of the greatest company ever. It's extremely fascinating, and full of words like "diodes" and "bitmapping." Did you know Steve originally wanted to call the Macintosh "the Bicycle"? crazy.

of Cheeseslave's Healthy Whole Grains online class. Totally registered for this. It starts this week. Can't wait!!! (Hurry and register if you want to get the launch discount!) By the way, did you hear that Grant bought me a waffle iron for valentine's day?!

of Mad Hungry. Not typically a fan of cooking shows, I am surprised at how much I like this. Usually I just get embarrassed for the person I'm watching.. it's so unnatural. But Lucinda Scala Quinn is a pretty smooth sailor, and I've actually tried several things that I've learned from her. So, I dvr it for when I'm on the couch nursing Hadley.

of the U.S. Constitution. Grant and I are watching the e-course Constitution 101 offered by Hillsdale College. (hello, Bethany and Elsa!)

of Downton Abbey. Well, I'm more of a fanatic than a student. But maybe I am learning a little lesson on 1920's culture in England :) I hope my sisters are watching this. I hope you all are watching this. I hope you get a little shiver when you hear the theme music play. (I'm in love.)


Whitney Lane said...

These are so much fun!! I've yet to watch Downton Abbey but certainly heard a ton about it from friends that I better get on it...

cecilia said...

a student of the constitution...i love it!
i helped my husband study for his constitutional law final last fall and i felt like i learned so much.

Megan Anderson said...

I'm reading the Jobs biography to my husband, who's not a big reader but is a good listener (hah!). It's great so far - funny, for a biography.

Anneliese said...

ok. i have been told that i MUST watch downtown abby. i think i might start it today!

Hannah said...

As a British lass I am so pleased you're enjoying Downton Abbey - it is incredibly popular here - I absolutely love it & get so sad when each series comes to an end.
I was at a teaching course the other week and a good number of Steve Jobs quotes were shared by the trainer - very inspirational!

Nessa Bixler said...

I love Downton. I love that the first season was on netflix and PBS has season two on the iPad so I can watch the episodes later int he week. Sunday night isn't a great TV night.

That book is on my library list... it has a pretty long wait list - so someday!

Checking out your other educational ventures.

Shanna said...

Huge fan of Downton! My husband and I watched the entire first season before the second one started, and we've been avid fans ever since. Loved the finale last week!

leslie.conner said...

Steve Jobs is a cool man. Got the book recently - still need to read it when my husband is done with it!



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